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Remote Relay Control

ControlByWeb Ethernet I/O products provide an easy and reliable way to monitor & control devices over a network. Every product is designed for simplicity and rock-solid performance, making remote relay control straight-forward and dependable.

All of our products have built-in web servers, allowing them to be accessed by a standard web-browser. There is no special software or app to download or buy, no drivers to install, no batteries to change, and no monthly subscription.

ControlByWeb Ethernet I/O devices can communicate peer-to-peer, be controlled by an automatic controller, or work as a stand-alone device ControlByWeb ethernet i/o devices, also known as ethernet relays are all designed, engineered, and produced in-house
The X-320M Monitors temp/humidity, wind, precipitation, pressure, UV radiation, & more! Calculates wind chill, heat index, & more. Uses variety of
																																weather sensors. Uploads weather data directly to variety of weather sites. Sends Email & text alerts and much more!

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• CBW Mobile | Available for Apple & Android!
Control and monitor unlimited ControlByWeb Ethernet devices, such as WebRelay, and their various components with custom control panels.

Industrial Automation

ControlByWeb Ethernet I/O products can be easily integrated into SCADA and industrial automation systems (using Modbus / TCP) or they can be used as single, stand-alone devices right out of the box. You can even use our products in pairs (peer to peer) to send I/O over IP networks without using an external controller.

Data Acquisition and Remote Monitoring

ControlByWeb Ethernet I/O solutions provide accurate data acquisition over IP networks. Our data acquisition devices allow you to measure and monitor discrete/analog signals from a remote location. Properties such as position, water level, flow, voltage, current, and other analog signals can be accessed over the web with a standard browser. Digital temperature sensors can also be monitored and logged with IP networks. Whatever your data acquisition needs may be, ControlByWeb makes it simple!

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