The Temperature Module allows you to remotely monitor temperatures and trigger temperature alarms
The DAQ Series' Temperature Module is a data acquisition module that allows users to remotely monitor temperatures from up to four digital temperature sensors.
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The Temperature Module provides an accurate way to remotely monitor temperatures over an IP network. It can be used for environmental temperature monitoring and simple control. Up to four digital temperature sensors can be connected and it has two internal relays that can be indepently controlled. These relays can control devices such as alarm signals, heaters, fans, etc.

The Temperature Module provides remote temperature monitoring and remote relay control using a standard web browser. Additionally, computers, PLCs, and automation controllers can communicate with the Temperature Module using XML formatted text, or Modbus/TCP.

The unit can be configured to trigger relays or send email messages when a preset temperature is reached. It can even control relays in other ControlByWeb™ products located somewhere else on the network!

The Temperature Module is fully configured in minutes using a web browser. No additional software is needed.

For even more features, check out the
X-300 Advanced Temperature Module


  • Connect up to four digital temperature sensors (one sensor included)
  • Two, independently controlled relays for controlling alarms and other devices
  • No programming required
  • Built-in web server
  • Configurable control and status web page
  • Email alerts when temperature crosses preset threshold
  • Modbus/TCP support
  • XML formatted status and control
  • Password protected
  • Selectable TCP ports
  • 14-pin removable terminal connector included
  • Rugged DIN rail or wall-mount enclosure
  • Three power supply options available:
    • 5 VDC
    • 9-28 VDC
    • Power-Over-Ethernet (802.3af)
RoHS compliant Made in the USA

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Temperature Module Industrial:

Model # Relay Outputs Contact Rating Temperature Sensors *Power Supply
X-DAQ-2R1-4T-I 2 (SPDT) 3Amp @ 28V Max 1-4 (1 sensor included) 9-28VDC

Temperature Module POE (Power Over Ethernet, connect to 802.3af compliant network):

Model # Relay Outputs Contact Rating Temperature Sensors *Power Supply
X-DAQ-2R1-4T-E 2 (SPDT) 3Amp @ 28V Max 1-4 (1 sensor included) POE or 5VDC

* These devices are sold as components and do not include a power supply.

Authorized Resellers BUY ONLINE

Purchase from us or an authorized resellers

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