X-310 Web Enabled I/O - Ethernet relays, inputs, temperature/humidity
5 Year Warranty

X-310 features 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Relays, 4 Temperature/Humidity sensor Inputs, and a built-in web-server that allows remote access from many devices along with infinite control and monitoring possibilities.


The X-310™ is a full-featured, web-enabled, Ethernet I/O module with four, independent 1-Amp relays, four optically-isolated digital inputs, support for up to four temperature or humidity sensors, and the ability to control up to 16 remote relays. It has non-volatile memory for logging, a real-time clock with support for NTP (time server) synchronization and an advanced full-calendar scheduler which can be used to turn on/off relays at preset times. Its web-based user interface makes it easy to set-up and use.

The X-310 has many advanced features such as the ability to initiate a connection to remote servers, BASIC programming, SNMP, email alerts, peer-to-peer communications, internal monitoring, graphing, etc. The X-310 is ideal for many applications including security, remote control, street sign controllers, shift bell controllers, and much more.

Like all of the ControlByWeb™ products, the X-310™ has a built-in web server so its relays and inputs can be controlled and monitored using a web browser (or use our CBW Mobile smartphone app). Additionally, temperature and humidity data can be graphed directly from any HTML5 compatible web browser.

Setup is simple; There is no app to download, no subscription to buy, no software required, and no programming necessary for setup or use.

The X-310™ is designed for accuracy and reliability, and is an innovative solution for a number of applications.


The X-310™ is a simple but powerful Ethernet I/O (or web I/O) device. The four relays and four inputs can be used for thousands of applications from event counters, to machine monitoring/control, to extending I/O from a PLC to another building and much more.

The X-310's powerful and flexible design make imagination its only limit.

Use the X-310 to automatically turn on bells/horns for shift changes. Up to 16 remote bells can be controlled directly from the X-310

Shift change bells

Use the X-310 to automatically turn on bells/horns for shift changes. Up to 16 remote bells can be controlled directly from the X-310. If more bells are needed, daisy-chaining can be used.

Freezer temperature monitoring

Freezer monitoring and control

Use the X-310's temperature and digital inputs to monitor temperature and the door status at the same time.

ControlByWeb's X-310 unit controlling 16 alarms


Use the X-310 to lock/unlock doors at preset times. An electric lock controlled by the X-310 can be used in conjunction with a mechanical lock to allow access at certain times. Persons with keys can access a building during the day while electric lock is off but access is denied at night when the X-310 turns on the electric lock. In addition, the X-310 can send email alerts when the door is opened (anytime or just when the door is locked).


  • Four electro-mechanical relays (shared common) independently controlled
  • Four optically-isolated inputs (shared ground)
  • Two, scalable-counter inputs (Inputs 1 & 2)
  • One-wire bus for up to 4 temperature and/or humidity sensors
  • Control up to 16 remote relays
  • Monitor and log power supply (voltage)
  • Highly configurable - almost any combination of input/relay control possible
  • Real-Time Clock with NTP server synchronization
  • Automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustment
  • Full calendar scheduling with 100 programmable events
  • No software required
  • Customizable web-based control page
  • BASIC script support for advanced flexibility
  • Configurable logging
  • Graphing (logged data)
  • Send email alerts based on user-defined conditions
  • Static or DHCP IP address configuration
  • XML, Modbus/TCP, and SNMP interface options
  • Field updatable
  • Removable 14-Terminal connector for easy installation
  • Rugged DIN-Rail/wall-mountable enclosure
RoHS compliant Made in the USA


Server Room

Basic configuration for monitoring a server room with a moisture sensor, temperature sensor, and magnetic door switch.

X-310 Monitoring and controlling a server room


Basic configuration for remote starting and monitoring the status and temperature of an industrial generator.

X-310 monitoring and controlling a generator

Solar Energy Controller

Basic differential-temperature solar energy controller

X-310 Solar energy controller

X-310 Part Numbers (Differences highlighted in green)

X-310-I Relays: 4 (1A 28VAC, 24VDC) Digital: 4 (4-12VDC)
Temp: 4 (-67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C))
X-310-24I Relays: 4 (1A 28VAC, 24VDC) Digital: 4 (11-26VDC)
Temp: 4 (-67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C))
X-310-E Relays: 4 (1A 28VAC, 24VDC) Digital: 4 (5-12VDC)
Temp: 4 (-67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C))
POE Class 1 (0.44 to 3.84 Watt) or 5V±5%

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Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. X-310 is available in the USA and internationally, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.

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