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ControlByWeb Application

WebSwitch™, a remote power outlet, allows for remote control for AC plug-in devices. No subscriptions or cloud services needed!

Overview: Remote Power Switch

Control an electrical outlet remotely over the Internet using WebSwitch, a remote power switch, and a standard web browser or smartphone.

WebSwitch is an Internet power switch that has a built-in web server, and does not require any cloud services, software, or drivers. Independently control two A/C outlets. There are no service or reoccurring fees.


  • Control lights or other plug-in devices remotely.
  • Use existing network wiring.
  • Independently control two power outlets using a standard web browser.
  • Built-in web server provides direct access to external servers, services or subscriptions required.
  • Password protection.
  • Schedule devices to turn on/off (WebSwitch Plus model)
  • No special software required.
Control plug-in devices with a remote power switch such as lights from anywhere using a web browser.

Working lights plugged into to WebSwitch for remote power control.

*The above illustration is for demonstration purposes only, it does not represent actual wiring. Ethernet network connection required.

Remote Light Control

In this example, a standard desk lamp is plugged into the WebSwitch. The WebSwitch is a remote power outlet configured on an IP network which allows it to be monitored and controlled using any smartphone or computer using a standard web browser.

Schedule Automatic On/Off Times.

WebSwitch Plus can be programmed to turn lights on or off at preset times, which is beneficial for security and energy efficiency.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

The WebSwitch is a stand-alone, independent device with a built-in web server. There are no monthly fees, and no additional software to install.

BEST PRODUCTS for Remote Power Outlet and Auto Reboot


WebSwitch Plus | Remote Power Switch & Auto Reboot Device

Plug a light (or other electrical device) into the WebSwitch and control it remotely with your phone or computer using a standard web browser.

2 A/C Outlets

Examples: Plug-in lights, motors, pumps, servers, etc.

2 Dry-Contact Inputs

Examples: Mechanical on/off switch

Special Features

Calendar Scheduling (turn lights on/off at a preset time) - Logging - Email and Text Alerts

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