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The X-410 can be used as a part of a generator monitoring system and for generator remote start using a standard web browser!

Overview: Generator Remote Start and Generator Monitoring

Control and monitor an industrial generator with ControlByWeb® modules - Monitor transfer switch, line power status, generator power status, battery voltage, door sensor, frequency. In addition, monitor generator's engine block, coolant, and ambient temperatures. Remotely start and stop generator and schedule exercise times.

The X-420 can be used to measure actual values (rather than just on/off status) such as line voltage, generator output voltage, generator frequency, fuel tank level, and more.

Access Anywhere in the World

All of these parameters can be remotely controlled and monitored using a standard web browser, computer, or smartphone.

Email/Text Notifications

You can also configure email/text notifications to be sent for high/low alarms based on any I/O status.


  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Schedule on/off/exercise times
  • Monitor:
    • Transfer Status
    • Line Power Status
    • Output Current
    • Generator Run Status
    • Battery Voltage
    • Frequency
    • Fuel level
    • Coolant, Engine, and Air Temperatures
    • Door Sensor
  • Email/Text Alerts
  • Logging
  • and more...

Industrial generator wired to the X-420 for remote start and monitoring.

*The above illustration is for demonstration purposes only, it does not represent actual wiring.

Generator Remote Start & Monitoring

In the example below, we have many devices being monitored and controlled by the X-420. The analog inputs are monitoring battery voltage, generator run status (on/off), generator current, and transfer switch state (on/off). A "Run Status" output signal from the generator is connected to an analog input of the X-420 that can act as a pseudo digital input.

One of the digital I/O of the X-420 is connected to a solid-state relay which is connected to the generator's start switch for remote generator start/stop. The other digital I/O is monitoring a door and configured to send an text alert if anyone enters the building which houses the generator.

Two temperature sensors are connected to the engine coolant and ambient air for remote monitoring.

Below is a list of what is being monitored/controlled, along with how it's connected to the X-420:

Battery Voltage Voltage Attenuator 0-20V Analog Input
Run Status Dry Contact switch in generator On/Off Analog Input
Generator Current AC Current Transducer 0-100A = 0-10V Analog Input
Transfer Switch State Dry contact switch in transfer switch On/Off Analog Input
Remote Start Switch Input (24VAC) On/Off I/O 1
Door Switch Magnetic Reed Switch Open/Closed I/O 2
Line Frequency AC Transformer 60Hz Frequency
Air Temperature Digital Temperature Sensor Installed in Thermowell -67°F-257°F (-55°C-125°C) 1-Wire Bus
Coolant Temperature Digital Temperature Sensor -67°F-257°F (-55°C-125°C) 1-Wire Bus

Free Mobile App

You can also use our free, CBW-Mobile app to access multiple ControlByWeb devices on one central control panel.

BEST PRODUCTS for Generator Remote Monitoring & Reboot

X-420 Web-Enabled Instrumentation-Grade Data Acquisition

X-420 | Web-Enabled Instrumentation-Grade Data Acquisition

Local and remote generator control and monitoring. Perform a remote start, monitor the run status, temperature and more - 2 configurable I/Os, 4 analog inputs (for actual levels), 1 frequency input, and 1-4 temp/humidity sensors.

2 Digital I/Os

Examples: Drive solid-state relay for generator start/stop and transfer switch control

4 Analog Inputs

Examples: Measure utility voltage, generator output voltage, battery voltage, fuel level

1-6 Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Examples: Monitor engine block temperature, coolant temperature, ambient temperature

1 Frequency Input

Examples: Monitor generator output frequency

Special Features

Email and text alerts (generator on/off, temperature, fuel level, security door status), logging (generator start/stop times, power failure, etc.), scheduling (automatically exercise generator), HTTPS and SSL

X-410 Web-Enabled Programmable Controller

X-410 | Web-Enabled Programmable Controller

Local and remote generator control and monitoring for remote starting, run status, temperature monitoring, scheduling run times, and more - 4 relays, 4 digital inputs (for threshold levels), and 1-4 temp/humidity sensors.

4 Relays

Examples: Generator start/stop, transfer switch control, security lights on/off

4 Digital Inputs

Examples: Monitor line power status on/off, generator power status, fuel level low sensor, security door status

1-16 Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Examples: Monitor engine block temperature, coolant temperature, ambient temperature

Special Features

Email and text alerts (generator on/off, temperature, fuel level, security door status), logging (generator start/stop events, and power failure), scheduling (automatically exercise generator), HTTPS and SSL

Contact Closure Sensor (Bottom Terminals)

Contact Closure Sensor

Monitor doors locally and remotely with magnetic closure sensors.

Optional with both N/C or N/O Circuts

Get alerts when door is opened or closed

Terminal Options

Choose between concealed terminals located on the bottom or terminals conveniently located on the side.

X-400C Cell-Enabled I/O Controller

X-400C | Cellular-Enabled Expandable Controller

Provides cellular connectivity to I/O control on remote cameras. Use with another ControlByWeb relay device (such as a WebRelay or X-410), or with an expansion module.


Compatible with our suite of expansion modules for a wide variety of inputs and outputs, up to 64 I/O points.

Task Builder

Our no-code Task Builder creates complex automation logic without the need for programming languages.

Special Features

Remote and automatic reboot - Email/Text alerts - Cellular connectivity - Logging - HTTPS and SSL supported

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