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Complete monitoring and control of grain handling facility for loading, drying, storage, and unloading.

Flexible and Affordable Grain Handling Control System

Grain handling facilities are an integral part of producing important commodities such as corn, wheat, or soy. These facilities feature large silos, conveyer belts and augers, motors and fans, chutes and doors, and other heavy equipment. Critical measurements required to properly run a facility include temperature, humidity, bin level, equipment condition monitoring, and a variety of on/off or open/closed states.

Traditionally, grain handling facilities were run manually, with perhaps a few level sensors to monitor inventory. An employee would need to be at the facility at all times to ensure it runs smoothly without any overfills, equipment failure, or safety violations. However, with new technology becoming evermore accessible, farmers are shifting to automation for better grain handling.

ControlByWeb is perfect for small and medium-sized automation projects such as these. We make control logic a breeze with affordable control modules that consistently perform for many years.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Control
  • Bin level
  • Motor and Gate Control
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • Security Camera Integration
  • Condition Monitoring
grain handling facility for grain bin level monitoring, grain bin level sensors and grain processing

Common Grain Handling Problems

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The farmer needed to implement a control system he could understand and operate without the need of a systems integrator.

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The farmer needed a solution that improved safety for his family, employees, and the truck drivers that collect the grain.

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The farmer needed a solution he could afford with the small margins that come with commodity production.

ControlByWeb™ Solutions

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Simple Systems

Our programmable I/O modules use simple menu systems to build out custom and powerful control logic without code.

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Reliable Remote Control

Our modules are carefully engineered for consistent, reliable, and independent performance that reduces failures and improves safety.

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Low Cost Industrial I/O

A big part of our mission is to make very capable industrial I/O that anyone can afford, making good automation more accessible.

How ControlByWeb® Works


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Case Study: Jennen Farm Grain Handling Systems

Farmers throughout the world are learning how modern automation, control, and monitoring systems can increase yields, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Tom Jennen of Fergus Falls, MN is one of them. His near 500,000 bushel grain handling facility features state-of-the-art remote monitoring and controls that improve safety, save valuable time, and decrease labor costs.

For grain handling systems, time is critical. Getting the crop unloaded into the storage bins and loaded onto transport trucks quickly and safely is the name of the game. Tom Jennen, along with his sons Matt and Brent, have turned their grain facility into a speed-optimized pit stop reminiscent of the professional auto racing industry.

Tom has relied on ControlByWeb to make his dreams of an automated, safe, and efficient grain handling facility a reality.

The automated facility is built around the X-600M platform, complete with a dashboard that shows critical measurements and a live camera view. With the CBW Mobile app on their phones, they can load and unload trucks with the push of a button from anywhere on the farm. The detailed measurements, grain bin level sensors, and the two IP cameras give them a digital presence at all times, and saves them from hiring an employee to man the station.

Safety is a big concern as well. Keeping everyone away from the heavy machinery means everyone operates at a safe distance. Drivers never have to leave their trucks. The Jennens can even shut everything down from their smartphone should anything go wrong.

Tom's list of automated equipment is impressive. With only a few exceptions, he has remote monitoring and control on nearly everything in his facility:

  • IP cameras
  • Conveyor belts
  • Belt alignment
  • Motor amps
  • Emergency stop
  • Bin level
  • Motion sensors
  • Temperature & humidity
  • Door state
  • Bin open/close state

Paired with good technical acumen and great operating principles, the Jennens have used ControlByWeb I/O modules to create a control system that gives them a competitive edge on the market. The investment has saved them money in the long run and allowed them to further maximize their farm's potential.

Contact us learn more about how you can create a control system that works for you.

Jennen grain handling facility fully automated with ControlByWeb

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose ControlByWeb®

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Industrial-Grade Reliability Is Our First Priority

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Scalable Solutions for any Industrial Application

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Cost Effective, Self-Contained I/O Devices

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Flexible Communications and Compatibility

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Responsive Support and Thorough Documentation

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Founded in 1999 and Manufactured in the USA

Product Comparison for Grain Handling

Name X-600M X-400 X-410
# of I/O Supported
Monitor sensors
Up to 1,000
total I/O endpoints
Up to 64
total I/O endpoints
4 relays, 4 digital inputs
1-Wire Temperature/Humidity Sensors
sold separately
Up to 32 Up to 16 Up to 16
Digital Inputs Up to 1,000
depends on expansion modules
Up to 64
depends on expansion modules
4 digital inputs
Relays Up to 1,000
depends on expansion modules
Up to 64
depends on expansion modules
4 relays
expansion modules

expansion modules

Cell Option -
X-400C +$100
Price $549.99 $299.99 $299.99
More Information More Information More Information

Frequently Asked Questions


Temperature sensors have a long service life of many years. Humidity sensors, however, are more sensitive to environmental contaminants which can coat the sensor and affect its accuracy and longevity. Exposure to condensation and/or organic compounds will shorten its life expectancy. A humidity sensor is a consumable product that depends heavily on the environment where it is installed. Periodic replacement of your humidity sensor will ensure accurate measurements.

All of our humidity sensors have a protective membrane to increase its life expectancy, while our humidity probe (X-DTHS-P) has a bronze filter for even more protection from contaminants.


Our I/O solutions are capable of monitoring and controlling nearly anything. Your grain handling equipment and/or process might be a bit more unique. However, we monitor and control sensors and equipment in a variety of industries and applications. Rest assured, we can help you with your process.


There are a few ways to remotely access your ControlByWeb devices. You can use the ControlByWeb Cloud service. You can avoid the cloud service and use a common networking tool called port forwarding. Either way, you can use the mobile app to provide quick access to your devices for monitoring status or controlling relays.

If you don't want to make your device available outside of your network, the mobile app or any other computing device with a browser can connect to your devices when on the same network.


When monitoring and controlling motors, its common to log the motor amperage. This is done with a current transducer connected to an analog input on one of our devices. You can also tell the run status of the motor and track run time via logging.


We sell I/O hardware and sensors for temperature, humidity, and level. For a list of what we offer, visit our products page.


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