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The gas and oil industry needs precise measurments in remote locations to make critical decisions and avoid disaster.

Level and Flow Monitoring in the Oilfield

The Oil and Gas industry relies on water for drilling, hydraulic fracturing and refining. It’s also a natural byproduct of extracting hydrocarbons from the earth. Needless to say, the supply and waste management of water in the O&G industry is critical. Level and flow are important measurements for managing this most vital resource.

Oilfield service companies that specialize in water management do everything from constructing frac pits to wastewater treatment. Along the way, they monitor level and flow in pipes, tanks, and pits at various stages.

While there are many data acquisition modules out there, they tend to be very pricey and often lack the flexibility needed. In the case of one customer, they wanted something reliable and affordable that would immediately alert their custom cloud environment of specific status updates.

ControlByWeb programmable I/O controllers provide an easy-to-deploy, flexible data acquisition and controls platform for often remote and/or temporary locations. We specialize in simple monitoring and control of a variety of field conditions such as level, flow, pressure, temperature and more.

Common Oilfield Problems

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Too Complex

Complex data acquisition and control modules take too long to deploy.

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Too Inflexible

Purpose-built devices are inflexible and lack the ability to work with custom systems.

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Too Expensive or Unreliable

Low cost monitoring and control is often unreliable, costing more to maintain.

ControlByWeb™ Solutions

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Simple, programmable I/O modules are capable and make deployment fast.

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Open communication protocols increase flexibility for custom integrations.

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Low Cost & Reliable

Affordability without sacrificing quality, justifying monitoring in more places.

How ControlByWeb® Works


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Case Study: Big D Companies

Big D Companies is a full service oilfield company that manages all things water, from frac pit construction to wastewater treatment and disposal. They use our X-410 and X-420 units for a variety of monitoring and alarm tasks. The X-410 is a do-it-all device with 4 relays and 4 digital inputs, while the X-420 has 4 analog inputs and 2 digital I/O. Our flexible means of passing data and our long history of rock solid reliability make our devices the perfect units to deploy in the oilfield for Big D’s custom cloud-based SCADA environment.

Deployment is easy. Devices are housed in a sealed enclosure along with a solar charger, battery, and cellular modem. These monitoring units are easy to setup and move as needed.

Flow Monitoring

For flow monitoring, Big D uses inline flowmeters that trip a contact for every barrel that passes. The trip is very momentary, lasting only a fraction of a second. The X-410 not only logs the event, but can immediately pass this information on to their custom cloud-based SCADA.

Level Monitoring

A variety of sensors are used in the oilfield for tank level monitoring, from switches to continuous level transmitters. In the case of a level switch, often used by Big D, our X-410 is a fantastic tool for monitoring the contact(s) in the switch. For level transmitters, our X-420 is great for analog signals and our X-404 is perfect for Modbus RS-485 signals. Level measurements and tank status can be remotely access through port forwarding, our Cloud service, pushed to your own cloud environment or via our smartphone app.

Remote Alarms

These devices all have remote alarm capability via email or SMS. All you need to make this work is an email server (SNMP) such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, or even Gmail. There are many SNMP services out there and nearly any one can be used. Finally, an Internet connection is required to communicate with the email server when an alarm state is triggered.

Email alerts can be triggered with either conditional or scheduled logic. This way, you can either send an alert based on a current condition, or you can simply receive a notification at the end of the day with the current status. You can even have a log of all condition changes sent to you daily.

Alternatively, and how Big D chooses to handle this, our devices can alert your SCADA system and allow it to handle notifications. Our remote services tool and our custom scripting abilities make custom integrations possible.

Cell and Cloud

Our cellular devices are capable of monitoring nearly any industrial equipment or field condition and work seamlessly with our ControlByWeb Cloud service to log events. Together with our Cloud API, you can sync data with your own cloud service, SCADA or other control system.

Cellular devices make remote deployment much easier and less expensive. Our Cloud service provides a simple monitoring and data logging interface with reporting tools, while our API extends the possibilities to third-party program systems.


Our devices offer an easy-to-program Task Builder that Big D uses to run conditional logging, pushes to their cloud, and to trigger pumps and valves as needed based on the specific scenario. You can also use this to trigger local alarms and other industrial equipment. Our Task Builder features both conditional if/then as well as scheduled tasks. If that isn’t quite enough, our devices also accept BASIC scripts. Between the two, an impressive array of automation is possible all in an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn platform.

Drill rig oil flow monitoring Non guided radar for oil or gas tank level monitoring

Quality First

The oilfield is a harsh environment that demands the most from equipment and personnel. ControlByWeb devices are designed and manufactured in the USA and built for use in any industrial setting, both heavy and light. Our modules excel in remote locations where flexible data acquisition and control are required.

Our devices are loved by our customers for their durability and consistent reliability. We often hear sentiments similar to these:

Customer Testimonials

"Probably the only electronic device that is 100% trouble-free. It just always works.”
-Andrew Cohen
“The quality is stable and reliable, and with low failure rate and also easy to use.”
-Alan Tang
“Have used your products since 2015 and am very pleased with the performance and reliability.”
-Tom Jennen

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose ControlByWeb®

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Industrial-Grade Reliability Is Our First Priority

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Scalable Solutions for any Industrial Application

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Cost Effective, Self-Contained I/O Devices

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Flexible Communications and Compatibility

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Responsive Support and Thorough Documentation

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Founded in 1999 and Manufactured in the USA

Oil & Gas Flow/Level Monitoring Kits


Suitable for duel fuel/water level measurement and hazardous locations. Float sensor works great with all kinds of petrochemicals including fuels, crude oil and condensate.



Suitable for level measurement in hazardous locations. Radar sensor works great with all kinds of petrochemicals including fuels, crude oil, condensate and more.



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Product Comparison for OIL & GAS LEVEL & FLOW

Name X-404C X-410 X-420
Networking Cellular
Ethernet Ethernet
Temp/Humidity Sensors Supported 16 16 16
Remote I/O Up to 100
Via peer-to-peer communication
Up to 100
Via peer-to-peer communication
Up to 100
Via peer-to-peer communication
Relays -
4 2 Digital I/O
Digital Inputs -
4 2 Digital I/O
Analog Inputs -
- 4
Custom Logic Interface
No coding required
Scripting Basic Script Basic Script Basic Script
Email/Text Notifications
Custom subject line

Custom subject line

Custom subject line
Log Sensor Data
Price $439.95 $269.95 $359.95
More Information More Information More Information

Frequently Asked Questions


Our control modules are not certified for hazardous locations. However, they are often used in hazloc approved cabinets or in control cabinets just outside the hazardous aera. Both scenarios require the use of an intrinsic safety barrier. Be sure to use a certified electrician that specializes in hazardous locations.

Many of the sensors we carry have hazloc certifications. Contact us to discuss your application and we can help you choose the right sensor.


The answer depends on your level sensor. For analog devices, our X-420 and X-418 are ideal. They accept both 4-20mA and 0-10V signals. For Modbus RS-485 sensors, the X-404 is perfect. All of these devices are great at data acquisition, data logging, remote alarms, and more.


There are many different level monitoring sensors, and every scenario requires a specific setup. We would love to help find the perfect fit for your application. Contact our sales team for a free consultation at 435-750-5999 or send an email to


Yes, our devices are built for remote monitoring. They can connect to an TCP/IP network through an ethernet connection. You can get an ethernet connection to them through a variety of means. A few of our devices have built-in cellular modems. Our cellular devices can use the cellular network as their primary connection or connect to an ethernet network and use cellular as a failover connection.


Our cellular devices connect to AT&T and T-Mobile.


Remote monitoring with ControlByWeb is relatively simple. Our modules connect to a level sensor with ether an analog or Modbus RS-485 output signal, two of the most common signals available. The module reads and logs the signal and makes it available for remote access either directly via the device IP address or through the ControlByWeb Cloud. Remote alarms are easy to setup and make it possible to keep an eye on remote levels when critical low or high levels have been reached.


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