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More drivers means an increased number of signs, creating a management challenge that becomes increasingly difficult over time.

Remote Monitoring and Control of Traffic Signs

Traffic authorities have a problem: sign management over large areas gets expensive. These signs and lights are important traffic control devices that notify drivers of poor road conditions, slow or stopped traffic ahead, the need for snow tires and more. The most expensive way to do it is manually, i.e. driving an entire area to verify that signs are working as designed. With no remote monitoring or control of sign status, Departments of Transportation (DOTs) are left with few options other than to have road crews, police officers or snow plow drivers check on signs throughout very large regions often covering many thousands of miles of roadway.

Remote monitoring and control is a great solution, and one that needs to meet a few goals:

  • Reliability: it doesn't help to install a solution that needs constant on-site troubleshooting or fails to deliver the needed feedback.
  • Affordability: traffic authorities have budgets and increases often require politics, public feedback, and more.
  • Ease-of-Use: not all system users are technical, so overly complex solutions reduce usefulness with DOT staff.

A reliable, affordable and easy solution can be found with ControlByWeb's flexible I/O controllers, putting the data from each sign and light into one location where it can be understood and acted upon. Our solution is easy to implement, inexpensive to deploy and simplifies remote data acquisition and control for DOT employees.

Common Sign Management Problems

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Inconvenient Monitoring

The growing number of traffic signs makes keeping track of every one difficult and unrealistic.

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Typical low cost monitoring is usually unreliable, defeating the purpose of a control system.

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Too Expensive

Low cost monitoring and control is often unreliable, costing more to maintain.

ControlByWeb™ Solutions

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Information is quickly and easily condensed into one browser on your phone or computer from anywhere in the world.

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Reliable & Flexible

Reliability and flexibility are a number 1 priority, giving you peace of mind and the ability to adapt.

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Cost Effective

Our high quality products don't come with high price tags and fit well within a typical budget.

How ControlByWeb® Works


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Case Study: Nevada DOT

Gregg Thompson of the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) manages district 3, which covers the northeast quandrant of the state and has a lot of open, remote land. When he started with the department, he noticed a severe waste of money, time and fuel. NDOT had been maintaining the digital traffic signs throughout the district individually and in person.

Costly, Manual Management

These signs required manual management, which meant that in the winter, plow drivers needed to drive over a summit to physically see that the signs were on before they could start for the day. Having employees drive between signs to inspect and repair them, puts employee's lives at risk. Unnecessary driving also wastes time that could've been better spent a different way.

These signs are critical, and the need for them is only growing. Lives are saved every year by the automated icy road signs that can power on when temperatures and road conditions reach a certain threshold. But as they were managed at the time, the cost to maintain and monitor them felt like a huge waste.

Gregg needed a feedback loop for remote communication, so he looked for a simple, automated solution. Luckily, he found ControlByWeb and our X-400 Series and X-600M products.

Remote, Centralized Monitoring & Control

Before, information was scattered and far too difficult to maintain. Each sign required attention and eventually the gathered data would need to be compiled. By swapping to our monitoring system, every sign in his district could be easily monitored in one place, despite being in such a remote area.

The NDOT swapped over to cellular modems, meaning they don't have to worry about finding a way to get network connection to each sign. The new monitoring and control systems were put in place and over 300 signs can be checked with a single browser. If a sign hasn't been turned on, the problem can be identified from a central command center where they have remote light control.

In his fleet of X-410 and X-600M units, over 600 individual I/O are being monitored, and a large majority are being controlled. With the easy use and access of the task builder, Gregg is able to avoid complicated coding and drawn out troubleshooting. If he encounters an issue, he can quickly call the ControlByWeb support team and avoid long wait times.

Signs can be monitored and reset, as well as the X-410 can create fully automated traffic solutions. Gregg has combined both an X-410 and a self contained radar sensor to trigger a “Slow Down” sign to power on when traffic slows down. No one has to watch cameras or keep track of typical traffic hours. Everything is automated and and can be easily checked on and updated from a phone or computer.

The rest of Nevada has seen the possibilities and are working towards the same solution. Instead of putting lives at risk on the road and wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours, this otherwise daunting task can be simply handled from a browser in the command center. These control systems can be very easily installed and customized in similar situations all over the world, and the possibilities are endless.

Reliability Leads to Safety and Efficiency

A growing population leads to more drivers, and an increased need for more digital traffic signs. NDOTs district 3 is one of many remote areas that benefits from a flexible data acquisition system. After finding our reliable ControlByWeb products, Gregg has created a seamless system that has completely transformed the NDOT workload, eliminating unnecessary driving, keeping employees safe and saving time and money.

chain traffic sign diagram for sign monitoring

Quality First

The Nevada desert is a harsh environment that demands the most from equipment and personnel. ControlByWeb devices are designed and manufactured in the USA and built for use in any setting, both heavy and light. Our modules excel in remote locations where flexible data acquisition and control are required.

Our devices are loved by our customers for their durability and consistent reliability. We often hear sentiments similar to these:

Customer Testimonials

"Probably the only electronic device that is 100% trouble-free. It just always works.”
-Andrew Cohen
“The quality is stable and reliable, and with low failure rate and also easy to use.”
-Alan Tang
“Have used your products since 2015 and am very pleased with the performance and reliability.”
-Tom Jennen

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose ControlByWeb®

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Industrial-Grade Reliability Is Our First Priority

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Scalable Solutions for any Industrial Application

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Cost Effective, Self-Contained I/O Devices

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Flexible Communications and Compatibility

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Responsive Support and Thorough Documentation

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Founded in 1999 and Manufactured in the USA

Traffic Sign Monitoring and Control Kit


Ideal remote lighting control solution. The X-600M provides a convenient dashboard to compile data from the several inputs and provide control buttons for the different relays.



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Product Comparison for Remote Sign Monitoring & Control

Name X-410 X-600M X-20s
Networking Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Temp/Humidity Sensors Supported 16 16 16
Remote I/O Up to 100
Via peer-to-peer communication
Up to 1024
Via expansion modules
Up to 100
Via peer-to-peer communication
Relays 4
4 6 Digital I/O
Digital Inputs 4
4 6 Digital I/O
Analog Inputs -
- 4
Custom Logic Interface
No coding required
Scripting Basic Script Lua Basic Script
Email/Text Notifications
Custom subject line

Custom subject line

Custom subject line
Log Sensor Data
Price $269.95 $499.95 $299.95
More Information More Information More Information

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, our devices are built for remote monitoring. They can connect to any TCP/IP network through an ethernet connection. You can get an ethernet connection to them through a variety of means. A few of our devices have built-in cellular modems. Our cellular devices can use the cellular network as their primary connection or connect to an ethernet network and use cellular as a failover connection.


Our devices are designed to be Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) within a larger control system and communicate via Ethernet IP using common protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, XML, or even JSON.


The devices embedded web server has a setup page for email alarms. This can be converted to text messages using your phone carrier's standard email-to-text function. Note: some older products do not incorporate modern encryption and may need specific SMTP servers. Learn more about email setup here and about and about email troubleshooting here..


No special network equipment or gateways are needed. Our devices simply need a sensor input and an IP network. Some devices have a built-in temperature sensor, like the XW-110 wireless temperature sensor, and connect to your network via Wi-Fi..


ControlByWeb devices communicate using Modbus TCP/IP, SMTP, SNMP V1/2C/V3, XML, JSON, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSL.


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