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Remotely monitor a storage unit's door and receive a notification if the door is opened. No wiring necessary!


Wirelessly monitor the open status of a storage unit's door with the XW-111 (for storage facilities with an available Wi-Fi network).

Configure the XW-111 to monitor the state of a magnetic contact sensor attached to a storage unit's door. Send email/text notifications to you or your customer's cell phone when a storage unit door is open.

The XW-111 requires no wiring and can be run on two AA batteries for low-power applications such as this.


  • Works on Wi-Fi
  • Battery or AC line powered
  • Remote sensor monitoring
  • Email/text alerts
  • Remote relay control (for audio or visual alarm)
  • No wiring necessary
Wirelessly monitor storage doors. Receive text/email alerts if door is opened.

With its built-in web server, the XW-111 monitors the status of a magnetic door sensor.

*The above illustration is for demonstration purposes only, it does not represent actual wiring.

Wireless Door Sensor Monitoring

In this example, the XW-111 is mounted on the inside of the storage unit. It is then wired to a magnetic contact sensor that is attached to the storage unit's door.

Text/Email Temperature Alerts

The XW-111 wakes up whenever the door sensor's break contact, which then triggers the XW-111 to send an email/text notification.

Audio/Visual Alarms

In addition to the email/text alert, you can also configure the XW-111 to trigger an audio or visual alarm (i.e., an alarm light) located in a remote location.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

ControlByWeb products are stand-alone, independent devices. There are no monthly fees, and no additional software to install.

You can also use our free, CBW-Mobile app to access, control, and monitor ControlByWeb devices on one central control panel.

BEST PRODUCTS for Wireless Door Sensor Monitoring

Wireless Digital Input Monitor

XW-111 | Wireless Digital Input Monitor

Monitor the open/close status of a digital sensor. Ideal for basic door status monitoring for a storage unit or other facilities where a WiFi network is available.


Connects directly to Wi-Fi network

Battery or AC line powered

Battery power for low-power applications

2 Digital Inputs

Monitor a magnetic contact sensor

Special Features

Email and text alerts - Remote relay control for audio/visual alarms

X-600M Web-Enabled I/O Controller

X-600M | Web-Enabled I/O Controller

Use the X-600M to monitor multiple XW-111 units. The X-600M can perform logical actions based off of a door sensor status.

Controls and monitors up to 1,024 I/O points

Examples: Use XW-111 units for door status monitoring, then use the X-600M to control audio alarms, visual alarms, electrical locks, gate motor control, etc.

Special Features

Email and text alerts - Remote relay control with scheduling logic (e.g., If after 10PM, if any XW-111 units senses a door open, send an email/text to the property managers, sound an audio alarm, and turn on security flood lights.

X-410 Web-Enabled Programmable Controller

X-410 | Web-Enabled Programmable Controller

Local and remote generator control and monitoring for remote starting, run status, temperature monitoring, scheduling run times, and more - 4 relays, 4 digital inputs (for threshold levels), and 1-4 temp/humidity sensors.

4 Relays

Examples: Generator start/stop, transfer switch control, security lights on/off

4 Digital Inputs

Examples: Monitor line power status on/off, generator power status, fuel level low sensor, security door status

1-16 Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Examples: Monitor engine block temperature, coolant temperature, ambient temperature

Special Features

Email and text alerts (generator on/off, temperature, fuel level, security door status), logging (generator start/stop events, and power failure), scheduling (automatically exercise generator), HTTPS and SSL

Garage Door Sensor

Garage Door Sensor

Heavy duty contact closure sensor for garage door monitoring.

Optional with both N/C or N/O Circuts

Get alerts when door is opened or closed

Mounting Options

Left or Right Installation. Mounts easily onto garage door rails.

Contact Closure Sensor (Bottom Terminals)

Contact Closure Sensor

Monitor doors locally and remotely with magnetic closure sensors.

Optional with both N/C or N/O Circuts

Get alerts when door is opened or closed

Terminal Options

Choose between concealed terminals located on the bottom or terminals conveniently located on the side.

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