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FridgeAlert | Temperature Monitoring With Display
5 Year Warranty

The FridgeAlert is built for industrial-grade temperature monitoring of coolers and freezers in warehouses, restaurants, c-stores, schools, arenas, hotels, event centers, grocery stores and more. This cloud-flexible solution keeps costs low and works with a variety of IT or industrial systems for data storage and analysis.

Temperature Monitoring Kit

 FridgeAlert™ & 12FT (4M) TEMP SENSOR & Sensor Mount Kit


FridgeAlertfor refrigeration monitoring system and wifi freezer alarm

Supports up to 10 sensors


Temperature Sensor 12ft for freezer monitoring


Magnetic Mount Kit for freezer monitoring

PRICE / KIT: $644.97


Solving Refrigerator Problems

No More Lost Inventory
Know when your freezers fail so you can react before you lose valuable inventory.

Stay on During a Power Failure
Our battery backup feature not only alerts you of the power outage, but keeps logging temperature data for days at a time.

Effortless Compliance
Take the human error out of the equation with our automated data logging.

Eliminate False Alarms
Give yourself smarter alarms so you only hear about real problems.

Keep Networking Easy
Our Wi-Fi & cellular option makes installation and networking easy. The companion cloud service makes remote monitoring a snap.

Keep Costs Down
Our devices are stand-alone, so a cloud subscription is completely optional.

The Basics

Multiple Temperature/Humidity Sensor Types

  • 10 1-Wire Temperature Sensors
  • 1 RTD Sensor
  • 1 Thermocouple
  • 1 Door Contact Sensor Input
  • Key Features

  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Cellular Options Available
  • Battery Backup
  • Logic and Alarms on Board
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Fast Setup
  • Smart Alert Notifications

    Smart Alerts are perfect for typical issues in fridge/freezer monitoring:

    • Eliminate false alarms with highly customizable alert triggers
    • Custom-fit each alert to your fridge/freezer model and defrost cycle
    • Program exceptions for known restocking events
    • Save technician time

    Avoid false alerts and make sure you're only notified when there is a real concern. The FridgeAlert uses user-programmable temperature thresholds and timed delays to eliminate false alarms and quickly alert technicians as soon as a valid problem is identified.

    Log Storage and History

    Save your data logs onto a separate computer or server to keep an unlimited history, with a 30 day history being saved onto the cloud/FridgeAlert. Program your device to send log data via email or FTP.

    Battery Backup Power

    A 9-volt battery in the FridgeAlert allows the device to send you an alarm notification if main power is lost. It will then enter Power Save mode, where the touch screen will stay powered off. The device will continue to monitor and log temperatures for up to 5 days.

    Multiple Connection Methods

    The FridgeAlert can connect to the network via Wi-Fi, ethernet, or cellular (FA100C). The FA100C requires a data plan.

    Monitoring & Control | Local & Remote


    The FridgeAlert connects to IP networks and control systems using TCP/IP communication over Ethernet. This is ideal for local monitoring and can also be used for remote monitoring by visiting the device IP address on the Internet through port forwarding. Port forwarding also allows peer-to-peer communication between devices.


    Remote locations without an Internet connection are now easier to monitor with the cell-enabled FridgeAlert (FA100C) model. Our cellular data plans include a ControlByWeb Cloud subscription to streamline access to the device setup, task builder, and control pages. The cellular model connects to the strongest available network. Check coverage map.


    Wi-Fi connectivity allows easier installation inside buildings where running cables is either expensive, unsightly, or impossible. This is especially useful in retrofit applications where changes to the infrastructure is often not feasible. Adding the state-of-the-art temperature monitoring to your restaurant, store, or warehouse has never been easier!


    The ControlByWeb Cloud simplifies monitoring, control, and data logging. It provides access to your controller, but keeps logic on the device so you are not dependent on network connectivity. Get the best of both worlds with our reliable platform. A cloud subscription is included with your FridgeAlert-C cellular data plan at no additional cost.

    Cloud Gateway Device

    The FridgeAlert is compatible with the ControlByWeb cloud and acts as a master device to other ControlByWeb devices. If you have an incompatible device and need to connect to the cloud, the FridgeAlert makes it possible. Speak to a sales representative to learn more about how we can get you connected.

    Easy 15-Minute Installation

    Installation of the FridgeAlert is essentially plug-and-play, with logic set up being even easier. You can also replace your current system and use the sensors already in place.

    Steps to install a FridgeAlert:

    Step 1: Connect Power & Sensors

    Remove the front cover to access the connection terminals. With a wide power range of 9-28 VDC and a 9V battery backup, powering the FridgeAlert is easy. Connect the compatible sensors to their corresponding terminals.

    Step 2: Connect to Your Network:

    While still in the firmware, click on the Freezers/Fridges tab. You'll be guided through adding coolers and freezers, door sensor and alarms. You can work with any SMTP email service including Outlook, Gmail, and more.

    Step 3: Set up Fridges, Freezers and their Alarms

    While still in the firmware, click on the Freezers/Fridges tab. You'll be guided through adding coolers and freezers, door sensor and alarms. You can work with any SMTP email service including Outlook, Gmail, and more.

    Optional: Connect to the ControlByWeb Cloud

    For easier remote access and temperature monitoring, connect to the ControlByWeb Cloud. At only $0.99/mo per device (billed annually), access is very affordable and improves remote monitoring.

    Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Temperature Monitoring

    FridgeAlert Application/Use cases

    The FridgeAlert is the perfect solution for cooler/freezer monitoring, saving thousands of dollars in lost product when equipment failure happens. The FridgeAlert is perfect for:

    • Restaurants
    • C-stores
    • Labs
    • Pharmacies
    • Healthcare - Doctors offices/hospitals/vaccines
    • Schools
    • Grocery Stores
    • Cold storage facilities
    • Arenas/Event Centers
    • Food Processing Plants

    Monitor Multiple Coolers and/or Freezers

    The FridgeAlert can monitor and display up to 10 temp sensors. They can be any combination of up to 10 digital 1-wire temp sensors, up to 1 RTD and up to 1 Thermocouple.

    Compatible with Multiple Sensors

    You have your choice between 1-wire digital temperature sensors, thermocouples, or RTDs. This offers a wide temperature range – depending on your choice of sensor.

    Automatically Log Temperatures

    Simplify compliance records with automated temperature logging based on timed intervals and/or programmable logic.

    Receive the Right Alarms

    Setup smart email and/or text alarms for real failure events; no false alarms.

    Access Your Coolers on the Cloud (optional)

    If you'd like remote access, you can set up a port on your network or you can add our FridgeAlert Cloud.

    Keep Logging During Power Failure

    A 9V backup battery puts the FridgeAlert in low power mode during power failure so it can log temps and send alarms for up to 5 days.

    FridgeAlert Remote Web-Enabled Light Controller

    The image above is for illustration purposes only. It does not represent actual wiring.

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    ControlByWeb Cloud

    Our ControlByWeb Cloud makes accessing your data simple and secure without any of the drawbacks of cloud dependency. It provides access to our cellular devices and works with the FridgeAlert and our 400 Series devices (see compatible devices).

    The cloud is included at no additional cost with a FridgeAlert cellular data plan and provides remote access and enhances setup and commissioning.

    With the cloud you can manage multiple locations and many devices with a single login, create parent-child account hierarchy that makes data organization easy, and log data in the cloud for easier access and easy download.

    Here's what the ControlByWeb Cloud does for you:

    • Easier Access
    • Single Password Authentication
    • Data Logging
    • Parent-Child Hierarchy
    • Logic Stays on the Device, Not the Cloud
    • Connect Unlimited Endpoints
    • Layered Security
    • Connect Incompatible Devices

    Learn more about the ControlByWeb Cloud and how it can help you monitor and control your assets and processes much easier.


    • 3.5" IPS Capactive Touchscreen
    • Monitor up to 10 coolers/freezers
    • Configurable high and low temperature email/txt alarms
    • Automated temperature logging
    • Battery Backup
    • Wide temperature range
    • Compatible Temperature Sensors
      • Up to 10 1-Wire sensors: -67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C)
      • Up to 1 Type K Thermocouple: -328°F to 500°F
      • Up to 1 RTD: depends on RTD sensor selection
    • 1 digital input for door monitoring sensor
    • ControlByWeb Cloud compatible
    • No software required
    CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Defrost cycles are part of normal freezer operation. Your temp monitoring solution should account for that. The FridgeAlert has a user-configurable timer feature that starts once the temperature rises above the threshold you set. If the timer expires and your temperature is still too high, it will send an email to alert your staff. Simply lengthen the timer to avoid false alarms.


    Temperature sensors in fridges and freezers should be placed away from doors, near the middle of the unit. This will prevent wide temperature swings when the door is opened.


    There are a few RTDs that we support: 2-wire, 3-wire, & 4-wire sensors (Pt100 or Pt1000)


    The FridgeAlert has an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) tool that allows you use any email service you'd like. You can use Gmail, Yahoo, or your organizations email service. We recommend speaking with your IT specialist to locate your SMTP details. These can often be found with a simple Internet search.


    Temperature logging is easy to setup. There is a logging section in the setup pages of the device. Simply select the checkbox next to the sensors you want to log and define an interval.


    Logs can be viewed in one of two ways: visiting the assigned IP address of your FridgeAlert followed by /log.txt, or by setting up daily log emails.


    The battery backup will automatically trigger when power is lost. This will put the FridgeAlert into power save mode and turn off the screen. However, it will continue to log temperature and send email alerts for up to 5 days.

    FridgeAlert Part Numbers

    FA100 1-Wire Bus: Up to 10 sensors
    Touch screen display, door monitoring
    Ethernet - Wi-Fi 9-28 VDC
    FA100C 1-Wire Bus: Up to 10 sensors
    Touch screen display, door monitoring
    Ethernet - Wi-Fi - Cellular (Requires Cell Plan) 9-28 VDC

    More Information:


    Warning: May contain chemicals, including Nickel (metallic), known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. -



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