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Temperature/Humidity Sensor Probe

Programing Module compatible with IRU Ultrasonic Sensors (see below).


The RST-3002 Ultrasonic Sensor Programmer is used to program IRU Ultrasonic Sensors. The module connects your sensor to a computer with the IRU programming software installed.

Basic Programming Steps

Before programming, make sure your computer has the software downloaded and installed, and that the RST-3002 is connected to the USB Port.

Step 1: Connect the RST-3002 to your power source

Step 2: Connect the IRU Sensor to the RST-3002

Step 3: Launch Programming Software

Step 4: Make sure that 'USB' is selected in the Communications tab, then click on the 'Receive' button to populate the parameter fields.

After adjusting the parameters to your specifications, disconnect the IRU Sensor from the RST-3002, and connect it to either the X-420 or X-418 to begin montoring.


  • Programs all IRU Sensors
  • Includes USB Cable and Software

  Required Software

  Compatible Products

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Ultrasonic Sensor Programmer RST-3002

Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Ultrasonic Sensor Programmer




Programmer for IRU ultrasonic sensors

Includes: USB Cable and Software




Ships Within: 10-15 Business Days

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