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Oct 1, 2017

ControlByWeb® Announces Four New Products

We are excited to announce four new products to the ControlByWeb product line! Each new product brings new features that will help with all kinds of industrial applications.

X-410 Web Enabled Programmable Controller

The all new X-410 is the first product being released in our new 400 Series. It is a fully-featured, Ethernet I/O control module with 4 relay outputs (1A | 28VAC, 24VDC), 4 optically-isolated digital inputs (4-26VDC), and a 1-Wire bus that supports up to 16 sensors (temperature and humidity).

Machine to Machine Communication: The X-410 can act as a master controller of up to 32 remote device or 64 I/O points. Using the X-410's intuitive interface you can add remote devices' I/O and use them as if they were all connected to one module!

Task Builder: The X-410's built-in interface provides an innovative and robust solution for creating simple and advanced logic (tasks) without the need for scripting! Easily create tasks based upon time, input or outputs' status, or device responsiveness.

User Permissions: The X-410 supports three types of users that provide different levels of access to the module's settings and Control pages.

The X-410 will also graph data, send encrypted emails, and monitor its power supply.


WebRelay Wireless

We have added another product to our XW Series ... The new WebRelay Wireless! This module has similar features as our popular WebRelay, with some new improvements!

The WebRelay Wireless is a Wi-Fi device that has a relay, digital input, 1-Wire bus which supports up to 4 sensors (temperature/humidity), sends email/text alerts, and supports basic scripts. Along with our original WebRelay module, the WebRelay Wireless is also UL listed, and it also has the approvals needed to be used outside of North America.

Its 12-Amp relay can be used for controlling lights, motors, and other relatively high-current loads. An optically-isolated digital input can monitor and report the status of switch-closure sensors (4-26VDC). It also has a 1-Wire port for connecting up to four digital temperature/humidity sensors.

The WebRelay Wireless is ideal for applications where devices must be controlled or where temperature or other input status must be monitored, and Ethernet wiring is not accessible or practical to install.


Digital Temp and Humidity Sensor Probe

We designed the X-DTHS-P temperature and humidity sensor for a broad range of industrial applications. A single probe to monitor both temperature and humidity in indoor/outdoor conditions. It is ideal for monitoring freezers, coolers, warehouses, factories, ducts, and many more applications.

The sensor is easy to install with an included thru-wall mounting bracket or an easy clip on mounting bracket. It has a bronze filter to protect the sensor from dust and insects. Learn more about the X-DTHS-P

Thermocouple to 1-Wire Adapter

When a thermocouple is needed to monitor more extreme temperatures or for difficult mounting applications, we now have a Thermocouple to 1-Wire Adapter that can be used with our X-410 and WebRelay Wireless modules. Thermocouples come in a wide range of wires and are readily available from many suppliers.

The X-TC1W-K works with all Type K thermocouples (-200°C to 1250°C). Learn more about the X-TC1W-K

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