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July 15, 2019

Level Monitoring Solutions - No Cloud Needed!

ControlByWeb's new offering of Modbus RS-485 products provide a superior solution for any tank level monitoring needs. With logic all happening on the X-404 there is no need for a cloud. Program the device with our intuitive Task Builder and let the device send alerts and control pumps and alarms directly, you don't need to rely on a cloud to run logic or control high level alarms.

On-Device Logic = No Cloud Needed!

Create logic directly on the device, not the cloud! Using our device’s built-in web server, create logic which control pumps, lights, sirens, email/text alerts, etc. The logic will work regardless of Internet connection.

Custom Alerts

Set multiple high or low-point alarms and send alerts to the right personnel.

Control Lights, Sirens, and Pumps

Easily configure pumps and other audio/visual alarms once tank levels get too low. Our 400 Series devices include a built-in Task Builder that creates simple/complex logic without scripting or ladder logic!

Liquid Types

Monitor clean and dirty liquids. Our Float Sensor can monitor two liquids in the same tank, making it ideal for the oil and gas industry.

Monitors a Variety of Tanks

No matter the tank, we can find a sensor that works for you. Our sales team will pair the right sensor to the tank you need to monitor.

Monitor Multiple Sensors with One Device

Connect multiple level monitoring sensors to one of our monitoring devices. Our Modbus RS-485 sensors allow you to daisy-chain sensors together making sensor wiring simple and cost effective.


Monitor tanks in hazardous and non-hazardous environments. Our sensors have the following certifications: Compliant with IEC 61000-4-5 Standards; 4-20mA, Class 1, Div. 1 Groups C & D; NEMA 4X; IP65

Let us help you find the right sensor for your tank!

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New Products

X-404 Modbus Master

Monitor and control up to 32 Modbus RS-485 sensors and devices. Reap the benefits of modbus integration with easy setup, reliability, and daisy-chaining capabilities. All logic occurs on the device, no cloud needed.

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Float Sensor

Magnetostrictive float sensor for robust level monitoring applications. Monitor up to two liquids in the same tank.

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Pressure Transducer

Submersible pressure transducer for long-range level monitoring in extreme conditions.

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Ultrasonic Sensors

Mid and long-range ultrasonic level sensors with a range of 25-50 feet. Provides a non-contact method of detecting level.

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Local Display

Local display for up to 10 sensors as a master, slave, or power source on any Modbus network.

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