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October 31, 2019

Introducing the X-401 Dual Relay & Input Module

The X-401 is a direct replacement for our X-301 (WebRelay-Dual). It has two SPDT relays (form C) and two optically-isolated inputs, plus all of the advanced features from our 400-Series products.

Scheduled Tasks

Powerful scheduler with normal and override schedules, super flexible task builder with no programming necessary.

Web Enabled

The X-401 has a built-in web server so it can be set up, controlled, and monitored using a standard web browser (or by using our CBW Mobile smartphone app).

Custom Control Page

Easily customize the control page for your application. Rename endpoints and upload a custom company logo.

Email/Text Alerts

Setup customizable email/text alerts based on input or output states.


The X-401 offers the ability to log a variety of data points such as local and remote I/O, registers, tasks, and voltage.


Bell Controller

Set multiple bell schedules to control bells located locally and remotely.

Security Control & Monitoring

Remotely control and schedule magnetic locks, lights, gates, etc.

Automatic Reboot

Automatically reboot a device, such as an IP camera, server, computer, router, etc.

Sign & Light Control

Schedule lights to turn on and off using the built-in task builder.

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