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1. Accessing the IP Address Directly

A ControlByWeb module can be accessed in a browser on a mobile device the same way it is accessed on a desktop computer:

  1. Ensure that your mobile device is connected to the same network as your ControlByWeb device, or that you have setup remote access (port forwarding).
  2. Type the assigned IP address into the browser of your mobile device and hit Enter.

The Control Page has been built to be mobile friendly and easily accessed from anywhere. It scales to the size of your device and all functions are present on a mobile browser.

For Easy Access

The IP of a device can be bookmarked in your browser for quick access, or a shortcut app can be added to the home screen of your mobile device.

Information on how to create bookmarks or home screen shortcuts for your specific device can be easily found with a Google search.

Mobile Control Page

2. Using DAT URLs (Only for devices connected to the cloud)

Creating DAT URLs in ControlByWeb Cloud

Your ControlByWeb device can be accessed through the ControlByWeb Cloud at after entering your login information.

The following steps explain how to manually generate a new DAT URL in the ControlByWeb Cloud:

  1. On the left side of your browser, click on Devices.
  2. Then, click the edit button on the right-hand side of the device you wish to edit.
  3. In the bottom right of the screen, click the green New DAT URL button.
  4. Enter the number of minutes you want the DAT URL to be valid for. Enter “0" if you want it to last forever.
  5. Click the green Submit button and DAT URL will be created.

Using DAT URLs

With the ControlByWeb Cloud, you can use DAT(Device Access Token) URLs to view the control page of ControlByWeb devices without port forwarding

When using a DAT URL to access the Control Page, remove “setup.html” from the URL but KEEP the last forward slash ( / ). For example:

Control Page -

Setup Page -

Bookmark this DAT URL in your preferred web browser for quick access.

Note: Anyone with this DAT URL can access the connected device. A DAT URL can be deleted and a new one created at any time if needed.

If you follow these directions and still have questions, contact us.



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