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This video highlights the device settings available in the 400-Series firmware, and how to find additional devices on your network. 400-Series devices include the following model numbers:

X-400, X-401, X-404, X-405, X-406, X-408, X-410, X-418, X-420

Video Transcript

Going on to the next section, we have Devices. So on the 400 Series you have expansion modules and that's what you would see here. These will connect locally to the X-400 or we also have, you can see right here, remote X-410. So this is a device that we have set up in our office and this just allows us to have access to other ControlByWeb devices. So whether that's locally or through the network or even on different networks. So the expansion modules are connected with the ribbon cable up to the X-400 and then the X-410 is connected whether that's through the network or through an ethernet switch.

You can come in and you can find devices, so when we click find it's going to scan. It's looking on our scan, here's an expansion module that was connected and as well as these other ones. And you can see we also have these other ControlByWeb devices set up, and we can click and add those. So really quick if I just add on this one really quick, we can give it a device name. We can select the model and then we can also enter in the control and admin passwords, just so that there's not any issues in having the two units communicate with each other. When I go back, let's say if I have a device on a different network or I don't have expansion modules and I need to add or find a device, I'll need to do it manually which is the "add device" tab. I can come in rename it whatever I need to, select the model.

So these are all the different ControlByWeb devices that we have, whether past or present ones. Enter in the serial number and it's also the the mac address for if you ever need that. And then the IP address, the port number, so the host or the master device can find this "slave" unit so to speak um on a different network and you can enter the control page and how often you want this master to device to keep the connection alive, so to speak.

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