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This is a quick explanation of the Devices settings on the X-600M. You can learn how to add new devices, scan for devices on a network, and more.

Video Transcript

Next, we come to the Devices tab. Here, we can find expansion modules that are locally connected to the X-600M or we can find other ControlByWeb devices on a local network. But, we can also add remote devices as well if we have other ControlByWeb devices on a different network to find local expansion modules or devices on the network, you can click you can click the find new devices.

Now that the X-600M has completed its scan, you can see that the X-600M found local expansion modules, as well as other ethernet ControlByWeb devices or Wi-Fi devices that were connected to the same network. I can go and add these devices by clicking the right hand button, it will give me a new pop-up window and I can choose which I/Os I would like to add to the X-600M. And I can do this for all the devices that I want to add to the X-600M. Like previously mentioned, you can also add other ControlByWeb devices on a different network, or if you like to add the device manually, I can come over to the add new device over on the right hand side. It'll give me a new window, I can specify another ControlByWeb device or local expansion modules, I can give that device a name, description, I'll need to enter the serial number the IP address and port number, and I can go in and add that here.

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