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The optional ControlByWeb Cloud and device logging go hand-in-hand, and this video explains how the 400-Series firmware makes the logging process easy. 400-Series devices include the following model numbers:

X-400, X-401, X-404, X-405, X-406, X-408, X-410, X-418, X-420

Video Transcript

Next, we have the Logging and Cloud portion. So this is specific to our 400 Series firmware as well. We can select how often we want to log specific I/O's and we can even click the view log. So if you wanted to obtain the log file from the unit you can come in to the unit and grab that as well. And then we can come down and select which I/O's we would like to log and then if you have our optional cloud service, this is a paid service which we have more information on our website about, you can have our unit push logs to the cloud and and our cloud will actually log that information as well.

And then if you wanted, if you're using other Advanced Network settings you can enable these as well to view if there are any issues in the communication aspect of that. And then lastly you can you can schedule a log file, so you can come in and have it send out daily, you just click enabled and then you can just select the email that you would like to send it to.

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