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CBW Settings utility to backup/duplicate settings for other ControlByWeb devices.

QUESTION: Is there a way to backup the settings on my device, or duplicate them across many devices?


All of our ControlByWeb products have a method of backing up the settings and events.

A free utility may be downloaded from our website. The CBW settings utility (.zip) is compatible with all ControlByWeb products (except for the X-600M). The settings and events may be downloaded using this utility. Please note this utility will only transfer the settings and events to a device with the same model number and firmware version.

The X-600M has a built-in backup and import settings function. You may access this feature by accessing the setup pages and going to System > Backup/Restore. All settings may be exported to a file which may be saved to a computer. All log files, SSL certificates, and custom web pages must be saved separately. The backup utility will also work for duplicating settings across multiple units.



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