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CBW Settings utility to backup/duplicate settings for other ControlByWeb devices.

QUESTION: Is there a way to backup the settings on my device, or duplicate them across many devices?


The X-600M and our 400 Series units (X-401, X-410, etc.) have a built-in backup utility within the firmware. In the General Settings/System section of their firmware, a settings file can be exported or imported.

400 Series Firmware

X-600M Firmware

The XW series doesn't have a backup utility, however these modules are simple, and the setup process takes minutes.

The ControlByWeb settings utility works with X-WR, X-DAQ, Series 3 (X-300, X-301, etc) modules.
The X-600M and Series 4 modules offer their own built in backup/restore utility. The XW series do not have any settings utility.



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