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Learn how to set up email notifications with ControlByWeb products.

QUESTION: How do I set up email notifications?


Please refer to this additional tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to set up email notifications and/or read the following:

Sending Notifications

SMTP Server (For sending email/text notifications from ControlByWeb devices)

Similar to how your email has an 'incoming server' to receive email, an 'outgoing server' is used to send email. This outgoing server is referred to as an SMTP server.

Many ControlByWeb devices support sending email notifications; however, it will require you to enter the outgoing server (SMTP server) you would like to use to send those notifications.

Compatible SMTP servers allow email notification to be sent from a ControlByWeb device to any email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Email Client Operations

SMTP Server Settings

SMTP Server settings. The values for these fields can be found by searching online for your email provider's SMTP server settings.

Recommended SMTP servers:
  1. SMTP server provided by your Internet Service Provider or an internal company business server.
  2. An online email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Live Mail, etc). Typically, free accounts and these types of accounts usually require some sort of encryption to send emails. Some require a modification of settings to allow use of their SMTP servers with a simple username/password. Currently, Gmail and Yahoo both require ‘allow less secure apps’ to be enabled for use of their SMTP server. Also, these email services may restrict some valid outgoing email in some circumstances due to aggressive anti-spam policies.
  3. A third-party SMTP relay service. These are simply outgoing SMTP servers. No email inbox is provided. These services may or may not require encryption and may be used to send email to any other email address. Some unencrypted services we've had good experiences with are:
    • - Provides free accounts for a limited amount of emails every month. Offers advanced features such as IP based authentication, multiple usernames, etc. Supports unencrypted, StartTLS, and SSL connections on various ports.
    • - Offers one free account per company. Supports unencrypted, StartTLS, and SSL connections on various ports.
  4. Some webhosting companies offer SMTP servers for customer use. This may be an option for those who have a webhosting subscription.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the above companies, rather provide them as options for you to consider.

Connection Security (Email Encryption)

When sending email/text notifications, all newer ControlByWeb devices support encryption for the SMTP server; however, many older devices do not support encryption due to hardware limitations. No SMTP encryption is available for these devices: X-WR, X-DAQ, and Series 3 modules (X-300, X-301, etc). Please see your device's users manual, or specs page on our website, to see which types of encryption are supported.

Some examples of common email servers that require encryption are Gmail and Yahoo, Office365, and Live. Older devices which do not support encryption will need to use a different SMTP server.

Other Email Settings

  • SMTP server port (non-SSL if required) - Found by doing an online search for your SMTP server settings
  • Username & password (if required by the SMTP server)
  • A "reply to" or return email (typically should match the username of the account sending the email)
  • Email addresses to receive the email notification

Receiving Notifications


ControlByWeb devices can send email notifcation to any email address.

Text Messages

ControlByWeb devices can also send text messages using a cellular provider’s email-to-text function. Email-to-text is available for all cellular services based in the US and Canada. This service may not be available in other countries. Search online for 'email to text' or contact your cellular carrier for details.

Other ControlByWeb Device Setting Requirements

The following must be valid to send an email:

  • Active network connection to the Internet or the SMTP server
  • Valid IP address settings for your local network (gateway and DNS server IP address, etc. Located on your ControlByWeb device's Setup Page - Network Tab)

More Information

For instruction on how to set up email for specific ControlByWeb devices, please refer to the specific device's users manual available on our website:

For email troubleshooting tips, please see our Email Troubleshooting FAQ



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