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Learn how to use ControlByWeb products wirelessly.

QUESTION: Are ControlByWeb modules compatible with wireless?


Yes, all ControlByWeb Ethernet products are compatible with wireless networks, although they will require additional hardware such as an wireless Ethernet bridge.

A wireless Ethernet bridge is a device that will connect to an existing wireless network and provide an Ethernet port for all local wired devices. Using a wireless bridge will provide a path to the wireless network for ControlByWeb devices.

X-310 connected to a wireless ethernet bridge

The X-600M series also support an 802.11b/g/n USB wireless adapter. Please see the X-600M users manual (section 3.2) for supported wireless USB adapters.

Please recognize that wireless networks work well when the signal strength is strong, but will occasionally experience wireless interference and outages. For >99% uptime, we highly recommend using a regular network cable and avoid a wireless network.



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