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Learn the differences between two of our most popular and powerful controllers.

QUESTION: What are the differences between the X-400 and the X-600M programmable, expandable controllers?


Both the X-400 and the X-600M are expandable with our modular I/O products. However, they have some differences between them, such as security, dashboards, number of supported I/O and more.


The X-600M is our master controller that offers multiple customizable dashboards, making multiple device management easy. With support for up to 1,024 I/O, the X-600M acts as a simple SCADA that is perfect for large sized projects that need to be managed in one place.


The X-400 uses our latest 4 Series firmware. This software provides the X-400 with the most up to date security and programming features. It's easier to use, for both the setup of the unit and the end user. With 64 supported I/O, the X-400 is a great option for small to mid-sized projects.

Check out the comparison table below:

X-400 Web Enabled I/O Controller X-600M Web Enabled & Expandable I/O Controller
Model X-400 X-600M
Total Devices Up to 32
(including Ethernet devices and expansion modules)
Up to 128
(Including Ethernet device with a maximum of 64 expansion modules)
# of I/O Supported Up to 64 Up to 1,024
# of Temp/Humidity Sensors Up to 16 Up to 32
Custom Logic Yes
With Task Builder
Scripting Basic Script Lua Script
Multiple Dashboards No Yes
(Supports Embedded Graphs and IP Camera Feeds)
Users 3 (3 user groups) 250 (4 user groups)
Logging/Graphing Up to 64 I/O 100 I/O Max
Email Notifications Yes (Custom Triggers) Yes (Custom Triggers, Subject, Body)
Networking Ethernet Ethernet
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