Learn how to set up email notifications with ControlByWeb products.

QUESTION: How do I set up email notifications?


Please refer to this additional tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to set up email notifications or read the following:

Outgoing Email

Many ControlByWeb devices support email notification. It will require the use of an outgoing email server (SMTP server). Most internet providers have an outgoing email server available for use. Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for details.

Using a compatible outgoing mail server will allow email notification to be sent to any email address. Texts may also be generated using cellular providers email to text function.

Email Encryption

The X-600M will support any outgoing email server requiring an SSL or TLS encrypted connection.

All other current products do not support email encryption. Some examples of common email servers that require SSL connections are Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Emails may be sent to any email address; however, you may not use these accounts to send the emails because encrypted communication is required. Some ISPs provide email services that offer an unencrypted (without SSL) email service.

If un-encrypted e-mail services are not available with existing accounts or your ISP, there are a few third-party services that will allow you to use an unencrypted outgoing SMTP server. Some examples are:

GMX offers free accounts that will be familiar to users of other common online email services. It offers an outgoing mail server with an unencrypted connection on port 25 and 587.

Sendgrid offers one free account per company (for up to 400 emails per day). Sendgrid is an outgoing email service. It does do not provide an inbox for incoming email. It offers an outgoing email server with an unencrypted connection on port 25, 587, and 2525.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the above companies, rather provide them as options for you to consider.

Email Requirements

The following entries are required to send an email:

  • Active network connection to the Internet or the SMTP server
  • Valid gateway IP address
  • Valid DNS server address
  • SMTP server compatible with the module
  • SMTP server port (non-SSL if required)
  • Domain (some devices allow a domain entry if required to authenticate. Usually this is the domain of the smtp server.)
  • Username & password (if required by the SMTP server)
  • A "reply to" or return email
  • Email addresses to receive the email notification

More Information

For instruction on how to set up email for specific ControlByWeb devices, please refer to the specific device's users manual available on our website:

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