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This video highlights our products main features such as remote monitoring and control using our devices remotely controllable electrical relays, optically-isolated inputs, analog inputs, and other I/O options.

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to ControlByWeb. Our Ethernet I/O products are an innovative, drop-in solution for remote monitoring and control over any IP network, including the Internet. We offer remotely controllable electrical relays, optically-isolated inputs, analog inputs, and other I/O options. All of our products also have a built-in web server, which allows them to be accessed by a standard web browser. There is no special software to download, no drivers to install, no batteries to change, and no monthly subscription!

Our products are used for remote control, data acquisition, remote monitoring, and industrial automation. In this video we will go over some of our products' main features. We will also go over the different types of applications for these products and their various components such as digital inputs, analog inputs and other I/O options. Our Ethernet relay products are commonly used for remote control by connecting the power that will be supplied to devices or equipment through our relay contacts. A relay is simply an electric switch that can be used to open and close electric circuits. If you want to turn an electrical device on and off, the way to do that is to put a switch into the circuit. This can be used with almost any electrical device, whether it be an electric motor, light, or whatever. When you open the switch it breaks the current, and when you close the switch it causes the current to flow. Normally you would use a mechanical knob or toggle to open and close the relay's circuits; however, with our products you can also use a web browser to switch the relays on and off, which in turn, controls whatever is connected to the relay. If you don't want to use a web browser to control the relay, you can use a smart-phone app, off-the-shelf automation software, or can even write your own software. For transparent control, without using a computer, you can use our products in a peer-to-peer mode. For example, you can connect a push-button switch to a WebRelay in one building and configure it to control another WebRelay in a completely separate building. These products have endless possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. Some applications include pump and motor control, security lock systems, remote reboot, lighting control, alarm signals, heaters, fans, and more.

In addition to these relays, we have a variety of inputs that are found on our products. Most of our devices have optically-isolated digital inputs, and these inputs look for the presence of a voltage which is the ON state or the absence of a voltage which is the OFF state. They can easily be connected to dry contacts such as switches or alarm sensors. There are three different types of uses for these inputs. The first way you can use these inputs is to simply monitor the state of something and display this information on the web page. For example, with the appropriate sensors you can monitor a device's running status, fluid thresholds, alarms, power failure, whether an office door is opened or closed, and much more. Many of our products can also be configured to send out email messages each time the input changes, these emails can then in turn, be converted to text messages. The second way you can use the digital inputs is to control the relays. Like standard electro-mechanical relays, you can configure our products to close the contacts whenever a voltage is applied, and open the contacts whenever the voltage is taken away.

In addition to basic relay control you have many configuration options. For example, you can configure the units to close the contacts for a preset time and then open again, or toggle the relays whenever a voltage is applied or you can even write a custom script to close the relay five times in a certain sequence. The third way you can use the digital inputs is to control the relay contacts on another unit which is called peer-to-peer mode. For example, you can use two WebRelay units to sense an alarm signal in one building and to sound a bell in a separate building that is miles away.

Some of our Ethernet products have analog inputs. These inputs can be used with a variety of sensors for measuring real-world values such as fluid levels, position, voltage, current pressure, and more.

Some of our products support Maxim Semiconductors 1-wire bus for connecting digital temperature and humidity sensors. You will find many other useful features in our Ethernet products such as scheduling, logging and support for BASIC scripts. You can find more in-depth details about each product's specifications on our website's product pages.

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications including security access, monitoring and control, lighting control, scientific monitoring, meteorology, industrial process control, remote reboot, agriculture, and much more. Some examples of security applications is by connecting door sensors to our device's relay, you can trigger an audio alarm or an alert system of some sort, to notify you when a door is opened. You can also connect an office gate or door to a button or switch and then to a relay, which allows you to open the gate or door from a remote location. Or, when using a remote IP video camera with our Ethernet relays, you can control flood lights to view objects at night. Our clients also use our products for remote control, remote resetting and rebooting of computers, video cameras, and other machines, and for other various internet protocol applications. Some products are also used as web-enabled thermostats with many features such as email alerts, scheduling and more. As a further example, our X-320M even functions as an advanced meteorological station controller.

We know that you have very specific needs and we encourage you to look at our products page on our website to compare between our Ethernet relay modules to find the ones that will work best for you. We are confident that whatever your internet control needs are, ControlByWeb's Ethernet products will be a valuable resource to you and to your company. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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