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Learn how to properly install products in outdoor locations.

QUESTION: Can ControlByWeb Products be Installed in Outdoor Locations?



PRODUCTS - ControlByWeb units are designed with wide operating temperature ranges but do not have any special protections against moisture. They are best suited for installations in dry environments.

ControlByWeb modules can be installed in outdoor locations with appropriate protections. A NEMA-4 box (pictured) would be ideal to protect against precipitation and condensation.

SENSORS - Some sensors may be rated for use in direct outdoor environments. Such sensors would include water resistant temperature sensors and applicable weather sensors.


ControlByWeb modules are generally rated for use in the following environments:

  • -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65.5°C)*

*Some modules may have a lower operating temperature such as -40°F to 130°F (-40°C to 55°C). Please refer to the specific module's specifications for more details.

Integra enclosure for installing ControlByWeb products outdoors



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