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The Temperature Module allows you to remotely monitor temperatures over a network connection and trigger alarms.

Utilities & Sample Code

CBW Settings Utility
This utility allows you to download settings and/or events from one of our stand-alone ControlByWeb products to your computer, and then upload them to a device of the same model number, and firmware revision. (Not compatible with the X-600 Modular Series.)

Temp Logging Utility
The Temperature Module Logging Utility is a simple program that can be used to periodically poll the temperature module and log the data to a text file. The utility was written in Visual C# for Windows operating systems. The zip file includes the executable, instructions, and the source code for the utility.

Other Downloads

Where to Buy

Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. Temperature Module is available inthe USA and internationally, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.



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