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Thermocouple Expansion Module | X-13s
5 Year Warranty

X-13s Thermocouple expansion module with two thermocouple sensors can be monitored over the internet with an X-400 or X-600M controller.


The X-13s Thermocouple Expansion Module is 2-channel signal conditioner for Type-K thermocouples that is used with an X-400 or X-600M controller. It is ideal for applications where extreme temperature measurement is required, or where using thermocouple for temperature measurement is just the best fit. Thermocouples are readily available in many shapes and sizes and come in a variety of packages for countless applications.

One or more X-13s thermocouple expansion modules can be connected to an X-400 or X-600M control module with a ribbon cable. The ribbon cable provides both power and communications to the module.

The X-400 or X-600M together with the X-13s provides an easy, flexible and reliable way to monitor temperature over a network. The X-13s is suitable to use with freezers, ovens, fermenters, generators - anywhere precision, rugged, temperature sensors are required.

Other expansion modules with different I/O combinations are also available.


  • 2-Channel thermocouple inputs
  • Type K Thermocouples
    • Range -200°C to +1250°C
  • Two "Open Thermocouple" Channel LEDs
  • Powered through expansion bus - no separate power supply connections are required
  • Great for moderate-load applications including:
    • Freezers
    • Ovens
    • Fermenters
    • Generators
    • and much more...
RoHS compliant Made in the USA
CE listed “UL”

X-13s Part Number

X-13s-K N/A Thermocouples: 2 9-28 VDC (supplied via the X-400 or X-600M controller, 24V recommended)

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