X-20s Six Relay, Six Input Expansion Module

The X-20s expansion module has 6 relays and 6 digital inputs which can be accessed through the X-600M controller.

X-20s™ Models

X-20s | 6 Relay, 6 Digital Input Expansion Module

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Relays: 6 SPDT

Digital Inputs: 6 (4-28VDC)


9-28 VDC (24V recommended)*


Quantities 1-9: $249.95

Quantities 10+: $237.45

Please contact us for high quantity discounts


* This device is sold as a component and does not include a power supply. The X-18s, X-19s, and X-20s expansion modules are not powered through the expansion bus cable and require separate wiring to the power supply. They may share the same power supply that is used to power the X-600M or they may use separate power supplies. Please use the same power supply voltage for all devices on the expansion bus (24V recommended).

** This unit is an expansion module which requires the X-600M Controller in order to function properly.


Expansion Cable


Expansion cables (10-conductor ribbon cable) are necessary to connect expansion modules to the X-600M. The large expansion modules (X-18s, X-19s, and X-20s) have two expansion ports, and come with a 5-inch expansion cable with two connectors which allows it to connect to the X-600M along with other expansion modules.

We recommend to first connect all large expansion modules to the X-600M, and then connect any smaller expansion modules (X-11s, X-12s, X-13s, X-15s, X-16s, X-17s). See Example

To know which expansion cable you need, fill out the form below:


Expansion cable (2 connectors): $10.00

+$5.00 per additional connector

How many expansion modules will be connected to an X-600M Controller:

LARGE expansion modules
(X-18s, X-19s, X-20s)
SMALL expansion modules
(X-11s, X-12s, X-13s, X-15s, X-16s, X-17s)
You will need the following expansion cable: No additional cable needed


*You cannot have more than 64 expansion modules per X-600M controller.

**If you have more than 32 expansion modules, a power injector will be required.

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