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X-320 | Web Enabled I/O

X-320 features 2 Digital I/O, 4 Analog to Digital Inputs, 6 Temperature/Humidity Inputs, Frequency Input, and a built-in web-server for remote access anywhere.

Live X-320 Demonstration

For your convenience we have set up a live X-320 unit for testing and evaluation. By clicking the links below you have full access to this live unit. You can make changes to the configuration and settings through the setup pages and you can control X-320 through its control page. The control page allows you to change the state of the relay and view the current state of the input.

X-320 Setup

The diagram illustrates how this demonstration is wired. Nothing is connected to the digital I/O contacts; however, you can still configure and turn the digital outputs on and off to see how it works.

Attached to the X-320 module is a temperature sensors. You can view the status of the temperature sensor by viewing the module's control pages.

Important Information

  • Multiple users may be accessing this device simultaneously so the device can change while you are using it.
  • This unit will be reset to factory defaults daily at 2:30AM MST.
  • Please DO NOT change network or password settings.
X-320 live demonstration setup


Control Page Setup Pages*

*Setup page login information:

Username: admin

Password: webrelay

Where to Buy

Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. X-320 is available in the USA and internationally, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.



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