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X-417 Web-Enabled Analog Output Module
5 Year Warranty

Each voltage or current output can be programmed individually. The X-417 is designed for remote connectivity from the ground up.


Power Requirements

  • Voltage: 9-28VDC
  • Max Current: (See Table)
    Power Supply Outputs = 0V
    Outputs = 20mA
    9 VDC 222 mA 294 mA
    12 VDC 166 mA 226mA
    24 VDC 93 mA 115mA

Analog Outputs

  • Number of channels: 5 (Individually configurable)
  • Output Ranges: 0-5V, 0-10V, ±5V, ±10V, 4-20mA (software selectable)
  • Resolution: 16-bit DAC (0-65535)
  • Linearity Error: ±1-count, monotonic DAC
  • Current Output (Voltage Mode): 10mA max (min load = 1K), 30mA max short circuit
  • Voltage Output Inaccuracy: ±0.2% FSR includes offset error, gain error and non-linearity error, -40 to 65°C
  • Max Load Capacitance: 20nF (no load), 5nF (1K load)
  • Current Output Range: 4-20mA
  • Current Output Inaccuracy: ±0.2% FSR includes offset error, gain error and non-linearity error, -40 to 65°C
  • Output Compliance Voltage: 11.50V min (max loop voltage)
  • Isolated Power Supply: Internal DC-DC converter
  • Isolation: Galvanic, 1500 VAC
  • ESD Protection: Integrated 15kV protection (IEC61000-4-2)
  • Output Protection: Integrated over-temperature, open-line and short circuit protection
  • Output Alarms: Open current loop, high internal temperature
  • Load Type: Grounded, COM of all 5-channels are connected together
  • Output at power up: Programmable

Real-Time Clock:

  • Manual or NTP(Network Time Protocol) setup
  • NTP Sync Period: Once, Daily, Weekly, On Powerup
  • Auto Daylight Savings Adjustment

Capacitor Power Backup

  • Backup Functions: Retain Real-Time Clock, External Variables, Relay State, and Counters
  • Backup Duration: 2 week minimum


  • Type: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Port
  • Setup: Static IP address assignment or DHCP, HTTP port selectable


  • Power, & Outputs: 12-Position, 3.81mm terminal spacing, Removable.
  • Network: 8-pin RJ-45

LED Indicators

  • Number of LEDs: 8
    • Power on
    • Fault condition (channels 1-5)
    • Network linked
    • Network activity


  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65.5°C)
  • Size:
    • 1.41in (35.7mm) wide
    • 3.88in (98.5mm) tall
    • 3.1in (78mm) deep (not including connector)
  • Weight: 4.8 oz (136 g)
  • Enclosure Material: Lexan 940 Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Enclosure Flame Rating: UL94 V0


  • HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, XML, SNMP, SMTP, Modbus, JSON, TCP/IP, Remote Services

Email Notifications

  • Email Addresses: 8
  • Encrypted Email Alerts: STARTTLS and TLSL/SSL
  • Alert Functions: I/O states - Fully customizable


  • Log File Size: 3072k (up to 50,688)
  • Storage: Nonvolatile Flash
  • Buffer Architecture: Circular Buffer
  • Log data can be periodically read and stored on a computer

Advanced Features

    Task Builer, BASIC Interpreter, Remote Services
  • ControlByWeb Cloud Compatible

Password Settings

  • Password protection on setup page: Yes
  • Password protection on control page: Optional
  • Password Encoding: Base 64
  • Password Length: 13 Characters

Regulatory Compliance

  • Electromagnetic Compliance:
    • IEC CISPR 22, CISPR 24, EU EN55024, EN55022
    • FCC 47CFR15 (Class B)
  • Product Safety Compliance:
    • IEC 61010-1
CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA

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