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Wireless Digital Input Monitor | XW-111
5 Year Warranty

Measure and report a device's status using a digital input from this precision Wi-Fi digital input monitor. Use as a stand-alone or slave device.


The XW-111 is an easy-to-use, wireless digital input monitoring device with a built-in web server. The XW-111 monitors and reports the status of switch closure sensors and alarms. It's ideal for applications where a device's status must be monitored and Ethernet wiring is not accessible or practical to install.

The XW-111 can sense the state of up to two switch-closure sensors, such as: push buttons, magnetic door alarm switches, micro-switches, or any device which has a relay or switch closure output. The XW-111 can be configured for the alarm to be active when the switch is either open or closed.


1. Stand-Alone Mode

This mode makes the XW-111 a self-contained device that requires no additional servers or ControlByWeb devices. While in Stand-Alone mode the XW-111 can provide live, real-time input status directly to users through web browsers or the CBW Mobile app.

In addition, Stand-Alone mode offers the ability to simply monitor input status and send out email alerts (which can be converted to text message alerts) either weekly or whenever an alarm condition occurs.

XW-111 in Stand-Alone mode

In Stand-Alone mode, the XW-111:

  • Connects directly to Wi-Fi network - No gateway devices required
  • Does not require any cloud servers
  • Allows you to customize when a email/text alert should be enabled/disabled (e.g., Disable door notifications: M-F, 8am-5pm)
  • Supports encrypted and un-encrypted email servers for sending alerts
Additional Stand-Alone Mode Features:
  View Real-Time Input Status

Use the XW-111's built-in web pages to view real-time input status.

  • AC adapter for main power and batteries for backup
  • Static IP address and port forwarding required
  Email Alerts During Alarm Conditions

Send emails/texts for on/off sensor status.

  • Battery or AC adapter powered
  • DHCP or static IP address (no static IP address required)
  • No port forwarding required
  Control Relays in Remote Locations

Control the relays on other ControlByWeb devices to turn on lights, bells, alerts, etc.

  • Battery or AC adapter powered
  • Control remote relays on other ControlByWeb products

2. Slave Mode

This mode is used for measuring and reporting an input status to other ControlByWeb devices. While in Slave mode the XW-111's web interface is not directly accessible to the user, instead input status is simply transmitted to another ControlByWeb device that supports input status monitoring, such as the X-600M controller, which acts as a "master" device. The master device uses the XW-111's input status information as it would use information collected by any other input.

Note on power: The XW-111 is powered by an external 5VDC wall transformer, or by two internal AA batteries. Only use batteries to provide backup power, or for modes where the web server is not being used. Some configurations consume more power than others which can make battery operation impractical. Having more features enabled and/or increased sampling frequencies lead to lower battery life.

In Slave Mode, the XW-111:

  Provides Input Information to Other ControlByWeb Devices

Acts as a wireless input for other ControlByWeb products, such as the X-600M.

  • Connects to Wi-Fi network
  • Use as wireless sensor for other ControlByWeb devices
  • Battery powered for limited number of transmissions or AC adapter powered for more frequent transmissions
XW-111 in Slave mode


Wireless Input Monitoring

Wi-Fi Digital Input Applications

Because the XW-111 can be used as a stand-alone or slave device, it excels in wide variety of applications where it can be used as a drop-in solution where hard wiring isn't practical or convenient. Some example applications include:

  • Door Open/Close
  • Window Open/Close
  • Motor On/Off
  • Water/Leak Detector
  • Mechanical Switch/Push-Button
  • Loop Detector

Once connected to the network, you can access the input's setup and control pages on a web browser where you can adjust the settings, or view the current input status on the XW-111's control page. The web interface is extremely easy-to-use, and can be viewed on the XW-111 Demo Page.

Cost Effective

There is no special software to download, no drivers to install, and no monthly subscription. Monitoring inputs with the XW-111 is easy whether you are in the field, in the office, or on vacation. It is the ultimate solution to your wireless digital input monitoring needs!


  • Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi transmission range up to 250ft*
  • Small data packets provide long battery life
  • Built-in web server for configuration and remote monitoring
  • Email/Text alerts for digital input status, and low battery alerts.
  • Notification scheduling - Specify when an email/text alert should be sent.
  • Connect a variety of switch-closure sensors
  • Powered by external DC power adapter or two AA batteries (battery usage for backup/low power applications only)
  • Each input status can control a relay on another ControlByWeb device
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, XML, SSL, SMTP, Remote Services
  • Simple and easy to use
CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA

XW-111 Part Numbers (Differences highlighted in green)

XW-111B+PS5VW1.0-2.5mm Digital: 2 (0-3.3VDC) 2AA batteries, or external 5VDC power supply (5V power supply included)
XW-111B Digital: 2 (0-3.3VDC) 2AA batteries, or external 5VDC power supply

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