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XW-112 Wi-Fi Water Detector | ControlByWeb
5 Year Warranty

Stand-alone water leak detector monitors the presence of liquids, sends alarm notifications, and provides real-time sensor status via web browser.


Water leaks can occur when you least expect them! Leaks that are left undetected can lead to thousands of dollars worth of repairs and equipment replacement costs. With the XW-112 you can monitor water leaks in server rooms, around water heaters, bathrooms, and areas near water tanks or pipes. Don't let a leaky pipe set you back!

The XW-112 is an easy-to-use and effective water leak detection system. This wireless device monitors the presence of conductive, non-flammable liquids using a GRI-2605 liquid detection sensor (included). It's ideal for applications where liquid levels or water leaks must be monitored and Ethernet wiring is not accessible or practical to install.

Built-in Web Server

The XW-112 is a self-contained device which does not require any additional equipment such as hubs, gateways, or servers. The XW-112 provides real-time water status to users through a standard web browser or the CBW Mobile app.*

*Note that accessing XW-112 remotely over the Internet requires your local router to be setup to forward incoming requests to the XW-112.

Email/Text Notifications

Receive email/text notifications in the event of a pipe burst, slow leak, or rising water levels.

When the XW-112 Wi-Fi Water Detector detects the presence of water, it sends email notifications to up to 3 email addresses to ensure that the proper personnel is notified. Convert email messages to text messages using your wireless carrier's free email to SMS gateway.

Alarm Control

In addition to email/text notifications, the XW-112 can send messages to control other ControlByWeb devices when it detects the presence of water. For example, a WebRelay that is wired to an alarm notification device, such as a bell or flashing light, can be turned on by the XW-112 when water is detected. These ControlByWeb devices can be located in the same building, across campus, or they can be located in a location that's across the world!

Power Failure Notification

Power failures can be the cause of disasters or they may disable detection systems so that alerts are not sent out when disasters occur. For example, a power failure can disable sump pumps which can quickly cause flooding. Early notification of power failures can be extremely valuable in many applications.

The XW-112 can be configured to send out email/text notifications in the event of a power loss. This feature requires good batteries to be installed in the XW-112, and backup power must be provided to the local network that provides internet connectivity, such as a wireless access point. (Note that during times of power failure, the unit will not detect the presence of water.)

Power fail alert water detection system

XW-112 Control Page

Water Leak Detection Example

Equipment Monitoring

This illustration demonstrates how to monitor water leakage in a server room or any room where you have equipment you would like to protect.

The XW-112 is mounted in a dry area near the potential source of water. In this example, it is mounted above the water pipes where it will remain dry in the event of a water leak. The water sensor is mounted on the ground in an area where water would most likely accumulate.

Once mounted, the next step is to set up the XW-112 using its simple web-based setup pages. From the setup pages you will enter the information for the unit to connect to your local Wi-Fi network and send out email notifications. Sending alerts is pretty simple, but since the XW-112 is not dependent upon any cloud services or servers, you must provide all of the information required such as the email server name, your login name, email passwords, etc.

Take a look at the setup pages using our live demo unit which can be accessed here: XW-112 Demo Page.

XW-112 Water Detector monitoring water in a server room.


  • Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Built-in web server provides stand-alone operation (i.e. direct access to unit without using a cloud server - No monthly or annual service fees)
  • GRI-2605 liquid detection sensor is included
  • Powered from a 5-Volt DC power adapter
  • Two "AA" batteries provide backup power to send a power-fail alarm
  • Alarm can control relays on other ControlByWeb devices
  • Send encrypted email alarms and weekly status alerts (up to 3 addresses)
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Includes auxiliary protocols: XML and Remote Services
  • Static or DHCP IP address configuration
  • 5-year warranty
CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA

XW-112 Part Numbers

XW-112-5+PS5V-2605 Digital: 1 (0-5VDC)

Water sensor included

5VDC power supply

Power supply included

More Information:


Where to Buy

Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. XW-112 is available inthe USA and Canada, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.

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Warning: May contain chemicals, including Nickel (metallic), known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. -



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