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Eight-Relay Expansion Module | X-12s
5 Year Warranty

X-12s expansion module with eight relays can be controlled over the internet with an X-400 or X-600M controller.


The X-12s™ Eight Relay Expansion Module is used with an X-400 or X-600M controller. The X-12s has eight relays, each with Form-A contacts (SPST) with the commons tied together in two groups. A removable terminal connector provides connections to the relays

One or more X-12s expansion modules can be connected to an X-600M controller with a ribbon cable. The ribbon cable provides both power and communications to the expansion modules.

The X-400 or X-600M with its expansion modules such as the X-12s provide an easy, flexible and reliable way to monitor and control systems and devices over a network. The X-12s is suitable for use with moderate loads such as solenoid valves, alarms and indicator lights.

Other expansion modules with different I/O combinations are also available.


  • Two, large SPDT relays (independently controlled)
    • Voltage: 125VAC, 30VDC
    • Current: 2.5A (total for each group of 4 relays with shared commons)
  • Removable connector
  • Eight Relay LEDs
  • Removable terminal connector
  • Powered through expansion bus - no separate power supply connections are required
  • Great for moderate-load applications including:
    • Solenoid valves
    • Alarms
    • Indicator lights
    • and much more...
RoHS compliant Made in the USA
CE listed “UL”

X-12s Part Number

X-12s Relays: 8 (2.5A (total for each group of 4 relays with shared commons) 125VAC, 30VDC) N/A 9-28 VDC (supplied via the X-400 or X-600M controller, 24V recommended)

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Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. X-12s is available inthe USA and internationally, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.

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Warning: May contain chemicals, including Nickel (metallic), known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. -



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