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X-17s 4 Relay, 4 Input Expansion Module
5 Year Warranty

The X-17s expansion module has 4 relays and 4 digital inputs which can be accessed through an X-400 or X-600M controller.


The X-17s™ expansion module is used in conjunction with an X-400 or X-600M controller. The X-17s is a multi-function module with four relays and four optically-isolated digital inputs. One or more X-17s expansion modules can be connected to an X-400 or X-600M controller with a ribbon cable which provides both power and communications.

The four relays have Form-A contacts (SPST) and can be used to control moderate loads such as solenoid valves, alarms and indicator lights.

The isolated inputs are suitable for use in industrial environments and allow the grounding system of the monitored equipment and the low voltage circuits of the X-17s to be electrically separate. Internally the X-17s has a co-processor which provides enhanced features including: pulse counting, pulse duration, accumulated pulse time and frequency measurements. All four inputs have separate measurements. Programmable de-bounce timers allow glitches and short pulses to be filtered out.

The X-400 or X-600M together with the X-17s provide an easy, flexible and reliable way to monitor sensors and control devices over a network. The X-17s is suitable for use with security systems, freezer doors, light switches and water meters, as well as with moderate loads such as solenoid valves, alarms and indicator lights.

Other expansion modules with different I/O combinations are also available.


  • Four isolated relays (SPST)
  • Relay Functions:
    • On
    • Off
    • Pulse
  • Four optically-isolated digital inputs (common negative)
  • Input Functions:
    • On/Off Status
    • Pulse Count
    • Pulse Duration
    • Accumulated Pulse Time
    • Frequency
  • Powered through expansion bus - no separate power supply connections are required
  • Eight LEDs for inputs and outputs
  • Removable terminal connector
CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA

X-17s Part Numbers (Differences highlighted in green)

X-17s Relays: 4 (125VAC, 30VDC) Digital: 4 (3-26VDC) 9-28 VDC (supplied via the X-400 or X-600M controller, 24V recommended)

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Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. X-17s is available in the USA and internationally, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.

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