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X-408 Web-Enabled 8 Digital Input Module | ControlByWeb
5 Year Warranty

X-408 features 8 digital inputs and a built-in web-server.

Industrial Digital Input Monitoring

Web Enabled

Monitor 8 digital inputs using a standard web browser.

Web Enabled

Read input states from Modbus master devices.

Configurable inputs

Configure an input for discrete, counter, or frequency measurement.


Share real-time input states with other ControlByWeb devices.

Logging and Graphing

Log and graph digital input states over time.

Email/Text Alerts

Customizable email/text alerts based on input states.

I/O Mirroring

Mirror the state of the inputs' to relays on remote devices.

Other 400-Series Features

Task Builder, encryption, intuitive user interface, much more.

ControlByWeb Cloud

Our ControlByWeb Cloud makes accessing your data simple and secure without any of the drawbacks of cloud dependency. It provides access to our cellular devices and works with any 400 Series devices (X-400, X-405, X-410, etc.) and Wi-Fi modules (see compatible devices).

The cloud is included at no additional cost with a X-400C cellular data plan and provides remote access and enhances setup and commissioning.

With the cloud you can manage multiple locations and many devices with a single login, create parent-child account hierarchy that makes data organization easy, and log data in the cloud for easier access and easy download.

Here's what the ControlByWeb Cloud does for you:

  • Easier Access
  • Single Password Authentication
  • Data Logging
  • Parent-Child Hierarchy
  • Logic Stays on the Device, Not the Cloud
  • Connect Unlimited Endpoints
  • Layered Security
  • Connect Incompatible Devices

Learn more about the ControlByWeb Cloud and how it can help you monitor and control your assets and processes much easier.

Applications - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The X-408 is ideal for applications that require discrete input monitoring over an IP network.

Discrete Input Monitoring

Use the X-408 to detect the state of buttons and switches. Send the state of the inputs to other 400 Series controllers (X-400, X-410, etc.) for real-time control.


Monitor the on/off state of push buttons and switches. Using peer-to-peer (P2P) communication, the module can be logically linked to I/O on remote modules (WebRelay, X-410, etc.) to control a variety of devices like a door locks, or lights.

Water Sensors, Float Switches, etc

Connect water sensors, float switches, etc. Configure the X-408 to send email/text alerts when the sensor is tripped.

Security Sensors

Monitor security sensors such as magnetic door/window sensors, motion sensors, loop detectors, and more. Configure the X-408 to send email/text alerts when sensors are activated during specified times.

Process Monitoring

Use the X-408 to monitor photo-detectors, limit switches, counters, etc. in manufacturing processes.

Flow Measurement

Connect flow sensors to the X-408 and configure its control page to display flow in gpm, lpm, etc., in real time.

X-408 connects to many different sensors

The X-408 can be connected to many different types of sensors

I/O Mirroring

The X-408 can be used in a larger, distributed system. The following illustration shows how the X-408 works in conjunction with other ControlByWeb products for I/O mirroring.

Contact-closure sensor states connected to the X-408 are mirrored to the relay contacts on the WebRelay-Quad which are connected to a PLC's inputs


  • Eight optically-isolated digital inputs
  • Each input can be configured as:
    • Discrete On/Off
    • Counters
    • Frequency measurements
  • Monitor, log, and control 32 remote modules, or up to 64 I/O
  • User Permissions: Admin, Manager, User
  • Tasks
    • 50 Scheduled
    • 50 Conditional
    • 20 Override Schedules
  • Send email alerts based on user-defined conditions (supports encrypted email servers, such as Gmail)
  • Real-Time Clock with NTP server synchronization
  • Automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustment
  • No software required
  • Customizable web-based Control Page
  • BASIC script support for advanced flexibility
  • Configurable logging
  • Graphing (logged data)
  • HTTPS/TLS encrypted
  • Static or DHCP IP address configuration
  • Modbus, SNMP, Remote Service, IP Filtering
  • Field updatable
  • Removable 14-Terminal connector for easy installation
  • Rugged DIN-Rail/wall-mountable enclosure
CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA

X-408 Part Numbers (Differences highlighted in green)

X-408-I Digital: 8 (4-26VDC) Task builder, email daily log file, add 64 I/O on up to 32 Remote I/O Modules 9-28 VDC
X-408-E Digital: 8 (4-26VDC) Task builder, email daily log file, add 64 I/O on up to 32 Remote I/O Modules POE and/or 9-28 VDC

More Information:


Where to Buy

Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. X-408 is available in the USA and internationally, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.

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