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X-432 Web Enabled I/O - Relays, Inputs, 1-Wire Bus, and more
5 Year Warranty

Stand alone programmable I/O controller or a capable RTU with 16 relays, 18 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs and support for up to 16 temperature sensors.

Powerful Remote Monitoring & Control All in One Device

Powerful Task Management: no-code task builder with conditional and scheduled logic.

Onboard I/O: no I/O card needed with many endpoints for powerful remote monitoring and control.

Rugged Enclosure: strong metal enclosure protects internal hardware from unforgiving environments.

Cost-Effective: serious bang for your buck with programmable onboard logic paired with a lot of I/O.

Built-in I/O

16 Relays

2A | 30VDC, 30VAC

Independently control: Low-voltage lights, motors, locks, solid-state relays (connected to larger loads), etc.

18 Digital Inputs

18 total | 16 Optically-Isolated | 1-16 3-26VDC, 17-18 0-5VDC

Monitor on/off state or configure as digital counters or frequency measurement. Monitor any contact closure.

4 Analog Inputs - 0-5VDC

0-5 VDC

Single-ended analog inputs to use with a variety of industrial or commercial sensors.

Up to 16 Temp/Humidity Sensors

1-Wire Bus

Monitor up to 16, 1-Wire temp sensors or 8 1-Wire humidity sensors (not included).

Peer-to-Peer Communication (P2P)

Control and Monitor up to 64 I/O

The X-432 can instantaneously communicate with other 400 Series devices through peer-to-peer communication. It can communicate with up to 32 other modules and allows you to control and monitor a total of 64 I/O points. If you use all the on-board I/O for the X-432, that's 10 additional endpoints. While the X-432 can control and monitor I/O on other 400 Series products as if it was directly connected to the module, it can also communicate with any ControlByWeb device.

Machine to machine (M2M) communication


Powerful I/O Controller Ideal for Simple PLC Functions

The X-432™ combines 3 major advantages: advanced programmability, 38 on-board I/O, and an easy-to-use digital interface. This powerful I/O device acts as a fully self-sufficient (or connected) IIoT logic controller for nearly any monitoring and control task - local or remote. 16 relays, 18 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, and support for up to 16 temperature sensors make this a very capable device ideal for a great many applications in industries including Water/Wastewater, Energy and Building Automation.

Feature-Rich 400 Series Platform

The X-432™ brings powerful I/O combination to the 400-series platform, our most modern and secure series. The 400-series is known for being easy-to-use, feature-rich and ultra-reliable. Our innovative I/O devices are ideal for IIoT applications, connecting you to your remote assets and processes wherever you are. We focus on extreme flexibility so you can connect to and communicate with your device in a way that suites your application.

Task Builder

Our no-code Task Builder uses simple drop down menus to build conditional and scheduled tasks.

Cloud Compatibility

Works with the ControlByWeb Cloud for easy remote access and data logging.

Peer-to-Peer Communication

Communicate effortlessly with other 400-series devices to create a central control hub.

Data Logging

Room for over 50k logs on local storage with FTP and email tools for regularly sending log files.


Our most secure platform ever with full encryption, IP filtering and more.

On-Board I/O & Logic

No dependency on network connectivity, remote software or cloud services.


  • 16 independently controlled 2A relays
  • 18 digital inputs | 16 Optically-Isolated
  • 4 analog inputs
  • One-wire bus for up to 16 temperature sensors
  • Control and/or monitor I/O on other ControlByWeb devices
  • Highly configurable
  • Task Builder for easy logic programming
  • Scheduled and Conditional logic
  • Real-Time Clock with NTP server synchronization
  • Email alerts based on user-defined conditions
  • No software required - customizable web-based control page
  • BASIC script support for advanced flexibility
  • Configurable logging with graphing
  • Static or DHCP IP address configuration
  • Modbus/TCP, HTTP/S, XML, JSON and SNMP protocols
  • Rugged wall-mountable enclosure with optional din rail clips (sold separately)
CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA


The X-432™ is a simple programmable logic controller that can be used for thousands of applications. The quantity of on-board I/O makes it suitable for a variety of monitoring and control use cases from the simple to the complex. Here are a few applications where this device has been used:

  • Building Automation
    Plentiful I/O endpoints means more monitoring and control in one place. The device allows advanced building automation tasks from HVAC to Lights.
  • Machine Control
    The module is ideal for complex tasks such as machine control, with monitoring for set points, analog sensors, and temperature paired with 16 programmable relays.
  • PLC I/O Extension
    Modbus TCP/IP communication makes this module compatible with nearly any PLC. This device provides a quick and cost-effective way to add more I/O to your PLC.
  • Elevator Controls
    Elevator controls require a lot of I/O and, most importantly, rock-solid reliable control logic. The module is a popular choice for elevator control applications.
  • Military Precision Guidance Systems
    The device shines when security and reliability are a must. That’s why military contractors have specified it for such critical applications as next generation precision guidance systems.
X-432 Example applications

X-432™ Part Number

X-432-I Relays: 16 (2A 30VDC, 30VAC) Digital: 18
(18 total | 16 optically-isolated)
Analog: 4
Temp: 16

More Information:


Where to Buy

Click "Buy Online" to view part numbers and pricing. X-432 is available in the USA and internationally, and can be purchased either from us or an Authorized Distributor.

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