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With our WiFi feezer alarm and refrigeration monitoring systems you can monitor temperatures using any device, including your cell phone, and get alerts.

Temperature Monitoring Kit

 FridgeAlert™ & 12FT (4M) TEMP SENSOR & Sensor Mount Kit


FridgeAlertfor refrigeration monitoring system and wifi freezer alarm


Temperature Sensor 12ft for freezer monitoring


Magnetic Mount Kit for freezer monitoring

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Overview: Freezer Monitoring

Monitor temperature and/or humidity with a ControlByWeb® module (See recommended products below) - Receive text messages or email alerts when a temperature threshold is exceeded for a user-specified amount of time. Log and plot the temperature history, and more.


Connect temperature/humidity sensors to any ControlByWeb device that supports temp/humidity monitoring.


Power device and connect it to your local network. (Watch Video)


Install temperature and/or humidity sensor probe in a freezer or refrigerator. (View PDF Guide or Watch Video)


Monitor your refrigerator or freezer from a computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world!


  • Monitor temp/humidity sensors
  • Local & remote, real-time monitoring
  • Log temp and humidity
  • Email/text notifications
  • And much more...
WiFi freezer alarm and freezer monitorin and logging with ControlByWeb's XW-110 Plus Wireless Temperature Sensor.

Temperature sensor probe connected to the FridgeAlert to monitor and log freezer temperatures.

Walk-in Freezer Monitoring Example

In this example above, a temperature sensor probe is connected to the FridgeAlert. The FridgeAlert then communicates with a local network. You can access its built-in web pages by connecting a computer to the same local network and you can remotely monitor the temperatures from those web pages.

Text/Email Temperature Alerts

Sends a text message or email alert if the high/low temperature threshold is reached.

Log Temperature Data

Periodically log temperature data which can be sent daily via email. Perfect for maintaining compliance with FDA requirements to maintain food temperatures in coolers and freezers. No more manually logging temperature data by hand!

Free Mobile App

You can also use our free, CBW-Mobile app to access the FridgeAlert and any other devices on one central control panel.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

ControlByWeb products are stand-alone, independent devices. There are no monthly fees, and no additional software to install.

Customer Testimonial - Freezer/Fridge Monitoring

Derrick Mickelson, with Cache County School District, is using an XW-110 Plus to monitor two separate refrigerator and freezer units. He has installed them throughout all of the 24 schools within the school district.

Saved Food Inventory

During Christmas break 2016, the XW-110 Plus saved them thousands of dollars worth of inventory by notifying Derrick when a cooler failed and the temperatures rose too high!

Check out his full video testimonial, see his installation, and hear about his favorite features of the XW-110 Plus!

XW-110 Plus

Monitor temperatures in a freezer or cooler in real-time. Send text/email notifications for power failure and high/low temperatures.

Two, 12-Foot Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensor lead lengths needs may vary depending on your installation. The XW-110 Plus comes with one, 3-foot sensor.

My name's Derrick Mickelson. I work for Cache County School District. I do all their refrigeration. We wanted a solution to monitor our walk-in freezer and cooler while school is down during breaks, so we reached out to the ControlByWeb guys. They gave us the option to do this XW-110 Plus, it gives us an opportunity to monitor with one monitor, the freezer and the fridge together.

It works out great, works through Wi-Fi, makes it really simple, it has battery backup. You can plug it in, it gives us our temps when coolers go below what we wanted to keep them so they don't go too cold or the freezer doesn't get too cold, or obviously when it's high, it gives us a high alarm. It's been really great, we've actually saved a couple of coolers, we've saved some food from spoiling.

We're kind of in this situation where we have long breaks like Spring break, Fall break, and on those breaks there's no kitchen staff here, so it helps protect us during those times. It helps me know if there's a problem, I can get an alert, and I can come check it out and fix it before we lose any food.


So what we've done is we've mounted our XW-110 right here. We have a battery backup, I've just screwed it on. This situation's really nice because I have one wall that separates the two coolers so it was really easy just to drill a hole here, drill a hole there, and then I can go into my cooler or freezer. It worked out really simple.

So what I've done is I found on Amazon that you can get a 5.5mm by 2.5mm power adapter. I've actually got it to where it comes to a USB. I've hooked it up with this setting right there. This is SnapPower, you can find them on Amazon, and I think even maybe Home Depot or something like that sells them. It's nice because it just steals power from each side of the outlet. Most coolers usually have a light switch with a pilot light. I can just steal power and then it converts it to 5VDC power, and that's what these take so it ended up working out really good.

Power-Failure Notifications

I just unplugged this to see, and you can actually see that I just got an alert from Heritage Elementary, is where we're at, and it says “External power lost.” So you lose power and within a minute or two it'll tell you when power is lost, and that's the nicest feature for us. When we have the power set up that if the power of the cooler goes down, then it will actually let me know that I've lost power.

That's why I kind of like tying the power into the cooler itself because if the rest of the school has power but we've just lost power to the freezer, I know that I need to come and either reset the breaker, or replace a fuse or something like that. So it's worked out really good for us.

Installed in 24 Schools in Cache County School District

The guys at ControlByWeb have been really good. We ended up doing a little test trial when we installed that first unit about a year ago. We went on to install it in all 24 of our schools in the school district. It's been really awesome.

It's saved us a lot of headache in having to have lunch managers come in on their break to check the fridges and freezers and custodians always having to come in and check during long breaks.

Temperature Notifications

We've actually during Christmas break this year, or this last year, we ended up saving a freezer that went down over Christmas break when we had a really cold spell. It was nice, it alerted me soon. I went out to the school, found out there was so much snow buildup around the condenser that it wasn't working. I cleared the snow, did everything, we didn't lose any food. Potentially could have saved us thousands of dollars, so it paid for our investment right there.

Cost Effective Freezer Monitoring

It's been a really good product, we've liked it. For the money, it's probably the best product you can get to monitor your cooler and freezer. For the price, you really can't beat it.

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XW-110 Plus

Sensors Supported Up to 10
Up to 3
Up to 16
Communication Type Ethernet - Wi-Fi - Cellular Wireless Ethernet
Power Options 9 V/9-28 VDC 9-28 VDC 9-28 VDC
Digital Display - -
Email/Text Notifications
Power-Failure Notifications *
Log Temperature Data
Log file sent via daily email

Log file sent via daily email
Password Protected (Optional)
Supports Basic Scripts
Used for advanced logic
Control audio/visual alarms
Digital Inputs
Monitor freezer/cooler door sensors
4-26 VDC
- 4
4-26 VDC
Admin/Manager/User Access Roles -
Task Builder
Advanced logic with no scripting required
Protocols HTTP, XML, SSL, SMTP, Modbus TCP/IP, Remote Services HTTP, XML, Modbus TCP/IP, Remote Services HTTP, HTTPS/TLS, SSL, XML, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, SMTP, Remote Services
Price Call For Pricing $199.95 $269.95
More Information More Information More Information

* Does not have power failure directly built into the device's firmware, however, it is possible using one of the device's digital inputs and some logic to receive power failure notifications.

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